Loves and Hates by Pink Mustache

Boom! Goal! I just scored a goal on my favorite video game!

Video games: a time to sit down and relax when you finish your home work. When you play it’s like you’re in the game playing. When I pass the ball to my player I feel what emotion he has and what he can do. When I’m holding the controller I feel the player moving up, down, left, right. When  you score you want to scream. But my mom doesn’t let me because she thinks something has happened to me. Or sometimes she thinks I broke my arm or something like that. But sitting on that comfy couch relaxing your back, like you feel it’s a massage, it’s beautiful to think about. So kids, here’s advice if you like video games as much as I do. Read your home work carefully and relatively fast. Write it down carefully, and then if you have some spare time, play some video games, sit down and relax. Play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know most people like Coke, Pepsi and all those other fizzy drinks that break your bones. But I hate soda. I only drink tea and water and rarely juice. Water is the best thing you can ask for. I started not drinking soda in 2015. I saw a video and it inspired me, also if you see how soda is made you will vomit and will never drink it again! I don’t want all my bones to break when I’m 30. I want to be healthy and fit. I don’t care if you like soda but my advice is don’t drink it. If you get use to it, you will literally love life. So I hope my advice was helpful.


The beach is beautiful, but sand makes it wrong. The sticky sand clogs on your feet. I hate it. I always hate when you want to leave and, “oh no!” sand is on your feet. My brother always says, “ I wish sand was never here!” Ok, the beach needs to have sand but sand is something most people hate. Although it’s sticky and I like sticky things, sand and water do not go together. I don’t think that’s correct. Sometimes my brother takes 2 mins to wipe off the sand off his feet. I mean why? Although everyone loves the beach, sand needs to get banned!

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