Walking with Cats

   It is morning. I just wake up and it is nine o’clock. I wear my clothes and my shoes and I say good morning to everybody. Then I eat breakfast. My mom sends me to go the rubbish at the bin.

   I go outside and I start to walk, when three cats starting to follow me. I was very scared. I shout help but nobody hear me. I climbed two rocks but the cats also climbed the rocks and one cat scratch me to the eye. I cry and I start to run very fast.                                            

      After five minutes I was home. I run crying to mom and dad and I said to them:

“A cat scratch me to the eye! Help!” I shout.

I said to mom that I can see you only with my one eye. ” Help!” I shout again. I told to myself, “Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s just a dream.” I shout again. But the truth

wasn’t that, it wasn’t a dream, it was the reality.

I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day, that hour, that minute and that second, my biggest fear is cats!!!!!!!!!

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