Sleepovers and Play dates!! by Fluff


Boom and Zoom!  Finally it’s time for sleepovers and play dates!  Play dates are the best!  At play dates you could play and enjoy your life! Don’t forget that sleepovers are the best too! At sleepovers you can sleep with your friends and enjoy your night.

The day before, at the afternoon I was playing with a neighbor and I was so bored. I was waiting and waiting for Snowy Fox to come.  After a while ding-dong the bell rang!! YES!!!!!!!  Sleep over’s with Snowy Fox!!! I was so happy that I was saying crazy words!! This was the best sleep over ever!! The best thing about this sleepover was that we had some time to play before we went to bed!!

When Snowy Fox came we watched her favorite comedy which was Mr. Bean. We laughed our hearts off!! Later we ate some delicious food and dessert. I have a double bed because when I sleep I stretch a lot! I also kick! Snowy Fox and I both slept at the double bed. When we went to bed we snuck the ipad and hid it under the covers.

We played Crossy Road and Piano Tiles2! At the morning I had Athletics so sadly we didn’t have time to play a lot! Thank goodness we went to eat ice cream! We spent a great time together!!!!!!!

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