Christmas Welcome by Snowy Fox


Ding dong! It was almost 9:00 pm, and we were finally standing on the doorstep of my Nana’s and Papa’s house in The United States of America in Indiana!! Though it had been a really long trip, we finally made it. The door opened and my Nana was waiting for us on a rocking chair right next to a toasty hot fire.

The table was set and the oven was cooking with an amazing smell that was extruding from the oven. The tree was already made and some ornaments were hanging on the branches. The ornaments had bursting colors like: red, blue, and yellow, green, and purple.

We ran over to our Nana that hadn’t seen us yet. She almost cried when she saw us, she hugged and kissed us. She called my Aunty and my Papa. They came down the creaky stairs and welcomed us in their cozy cottage.

We sat at the dining table and ate the most amazing food. Meanwhile we got tucked in bed and closed our eyes, we dreamed of the following amazing days in America…..

1 thought on “Christmas Welcome by Snowy Fox

  1. Dear Snowy Fox,
    We really liked how you ended your story when you said, “we dreamed about the following amazing days in America….” because it made us feel like we were feeling the feelings with you. This reminded M of when her grandma and grandpa came to her house at Christmas because she welcomed them the same way.
    Great writing!
    Mrs Kynigou’s class.

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