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My Friends and I, by Grey Orca

“Haha!” We were making jokes and laughing with my out-of-school friends.


After going to their house, we went to The Mall to play bowling, with their dad. We were laughing and singing until we got there.

After their dad had registered us to the man that created the board scores, we happily hopped over to our table, Table 2. As we put on our bowling shoes, our names first letters appeared: M, T, S. First was my bigger friend, then it was me, and then my other friend who was also older than me, but younger than my other friend. In other words, she is the middle age in our friend-band.

My bigger friend chose a six kilo ball, and slowly tip-toed to the bowling road. She looked at the pin in the middle, and rolled the ball. She scored nine points, and that was her first chance. One pin left, and she would spare. She waited for the same ball, walked towards the bowling road, and rolled again the ball. Unfortunately, the pin left was in the right side of “the road”, and her ball went to the left side. She frowned and returned to the table.

We played until their dad asked if we wanted something to eat. My middle friend and I refused. We continued playing and soon I was in second place, with no strikes or spares though. After, my second-place-success, I finally ordered chips and toast.

I took a bite from my toast, two chips, and stuffed myself, ready for my turn. I got my bowling ball, seven kilo ball, and walked towards the bowling road. I took force and aimed at the middle pin.

As I rolled the ball, it hit half of the bowling pins, leaving the rest, straight standing. On my second chance, I hit the rest of the bowling pins, “Spare!” my friend shouted ,we high-fived each other, and when I sat down I asked their father to explain me what spare was, and I was amazed. She played both her chances and striked! “Yay!” she shouted and jumped. Again we high-fived, and it was my other friends turn. She quickly rolled the ball, and waited for the pins to go down, but in total both of her chances, she got only nine pins down, again!

When it was my turn, I aimed again at the middle bowling pin, and this time, not did I only hit the middle bowling pin, but all of the other pins fell down too. I had striked! “Horay!” I shouted and sat to eat my toast. I was in first place, until the end of our game and I had finished my toast and chips.


It was the best bowling day of my life!


My Dog, Bonus! by the Cool Owl Boy



“My dog is running so fast!” I exclaimed out loud. I was really excited to walk my dog! I walk my dog on Lykavittos at 17:30 where the tree crickets are creaking. The beautiful white clouds are covering the hot summer sun. I just love the shining blue, light sky.

“This is beautiful!” my mom expressed her excitement. Then she unleashed our dog, Bonus. He is black with white spots. We just enjoy the breeze and the smell of the flowers and trees. It is just glorious. I feel like I am daydreaming.

“I agree,” I replied. I admired the forest. The birds above us were singing their tune and were also traveling from tree to tree. I really enjoyed the shade under the trees. Me and my dog were running, and running, and running. We jumped, we ran, we walked, we did everything you can imagine! I was so excited! It was so quiet and peaceful.

“I am so tired. I want to sit down and rest for a bit,” I said. I sat down in a place with a lot of shadow and with not so much dirt and just relaxed. I exclaimed, “I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here forever!”

It was an awesome day but now it was coming to an end. We leashed our dog Bonus and went to our home sweet home. The moon is almost greeting us. “See you tomorrow forest!” I thought.

Loves and Hates by Pink Mustache

Boom! Goal! I just scored a goal on my favorite video game!

Video games: a time to sit down and relax when you finish your home work. When you play it’s like you’re in the game playing. When I pass the ball to my player I feel what emotion he has and what he can do. When I’m holding the controller I feel the player moving up, down, left, right. When  you score you want to scream. But my mom doesn’t let me because she thinks something has happened to me. Or sometimes she thinks I broke my arm or something like that. But sitting on that comfy couch relaxing your back, like you feel it’s a massage, it’s beautiful to think about. So kids, here’s advice if you like video games as much as I do. Read your home work carefully and relatively fast. Write it down carefully, and then if you have some spare time, play some video games, sit down and relax. Play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know most people like Coke, Pepsi and all those other fizzy drinks that break your bones. But I hate soda. I only drink tea and water and rarely juice. Water is the best thing you can ask for. I started not drinking soda in 2015. I saw a video and it inspired me, also if you see how soda is made you will vomit and will never drink it again! I don’t want all my bones to break when I’m 30. I want to be healthy and fit. I don’t care if you like soda but my advice is don’t drink it. If you get use to it, you will literally love life. So I hope my advice was helpful.


The beach is beautiful, but sand makes it wrong. The sticky sand clogs on your feet. I hate it. I always hate when you want to leave and, “oh no!” sand is on your feet. My brother always says, “ I wish sand was never here!” Ok, the beach needs to have sand but sand is something most people hate. Although it’s sticky and I like sticky things, sand and water do not go together. I don’t think that’s correct. Sometimes my brother takes 2 mins to wipe off the sand off his feet. I mean why? Although everyone loves the beach, sand needs to get banned!

My Favorite Things by Ronaldo

My favorite color is white,

Like the fluffy white clouds that come after the rain.

Also like the white fluffy yummy marshmallows.

My favorite place is at the beach,

As the sun sets into the ocean,

And the sky becomes orangey.

My favorite animal is a cute dog,

Which wants all the time to play,

And likes me to pet him.

My favorite smell is the smell of ..

Red, dark red, blue, orange, white and pink roses

From the flowers and in perfume.

My favorite sport is swimming,

In the aqua colored swimming pool,

And on top the clouds and the blue sky.

My Favorite Things by Sophie

My favorite  color is turquoise,

Like the beach when it is as clear as glass,

and the sand in the sea are as white as snow.

Imagine swimming in these crystal blue waters,

just relaxing.

My favorite sound is the sound of music.

Music relaxes me.

When I hear calm music my brain  starts to relax  and all my bad feelings

slowly go away.

My favorite insect is a butterfly.

Butterflies are like a beautiful flying painting,

like little fairies that are colorful and magnificent.

My favorite subject is math,

because I feel like I have to solve a puzzle.

It is like I am a detective and I have to solve a mystery.

My favorite desert is ice cream,

it adds a breeze to the hot heat of summer.

My Favorite Things by Lizzie

My favorite color is purple,

Like the lavender that smells so good,

As a giant bouquet of flowers.

My favorite animal is a kitty,

Because its so soft as a cotton and it makes me so relaxed.

My favorite insect is a butterfly,

Because its wings are so pretty as the as the pretty colorful galaxy.

My favorite fruit is a watermelon,

Because it’s so refreshing,

Like when you are  so hot and and you run into the ocean.

My favorite dessert is cheesecake,

Because it’s so creamy,

As a full mouth of whipped cream.

My Favorite Things by Lauren

My favorite color is mint green ,

Like the hundred shades of blue, green, purple and orange on the skyline right before it gets dark and the stars come up passing behind the mountains.

My favorite sound is music,

The relaxing source of calmness and serenity.

My favorite animal is a dolphin,

Soaring through the aqua blue waves trying to find its path.

My favorite insect is a ladybug,

A little red and black creature crawling on you,

Giving you good luck for the rest of your day.

My favorite dessert is brownies,

When you are holding a fresh one,

and the glaze is dripping.

Under the Sea by Blue Whale

I like fish. I like whales, turtles and all sea animals that live in sea. But I only know how to swim a little bit…. so, I can’t go in the deep water. If the sun is bright enough, the sea reflects and shines. Also, I like seeing the sun going down. I want to be a fish and swim around the sea. The sea feels very cool, even more than eating ice cream!


Splash!! My brother likes to swim also. Next time I want to dive in the deep water, in a deep, deep place. Sometimes I feel scared about water. When it’s not that deep (that my toe can reach the bottom) I am not scared.

I think I need to learn swimming……

Sleepovers and Play dates!! by Fluff


Boom and Zoom!  Finally it’s time for sleepovers and play dates!  Play dates are the best!  At play dates you could play and enjoy your life! Don’t forget that sleepovers are the best too! At sleepovers you can sleep with your friends and enjoy your night.

The day before, at the afternoon I was playing with a neighbor and I was so bored. I was waiting and waiting for Snowy Fox to come.  After a while ding-dong the bell rang!! YES!!!!!!!  Sleep over’s with Snowy Fox!!! I was so happy that I was saying crazy words!! This was the best sleep over ever!! The best thing about this sleepover was that we had some time to play before we went to bed!!

When Snowy Fox came we watched her favorite comedy which was Mr. Bean. We laughed our hearts off!! Later we ate some delicious food and dessert. I have a double bed because when I sleep I stretch a lot! I also kick! Snowy Fox and I both slept at the double bed. When we went to bed we snuck the ipad and hid it under the covers.

We played Crossy Road and Piano Tiles2! At the morning I had Athletics so sadly we didn’t have time to play a lot! Thank goodness we went to eat ice cream! We spent a great time together!!!!!!!

Walking with Cats

   It is morning. I just wake up and it is nine o’clock. I wear my clothes and my shoes and I say good morning to everybody. Then I eat breakfast. My mom sends me to go the rubbish at the bin.

   I go outside and I start to walk, when three cats starting to follow me. I was very scared. I shout help but nobody hear me. I climbed two rocks but the cats also climbed the rocks and one cat scratch me to the eye. I cry and I start to run very fast.                                            

      After five minutes I was home. I run crying to mom and dad and I said to them:

“A cat scratch me to the eye! Help!” I shout.

I said to mom that I can see you only with my one eye. ” Help!” I shout again. I told to myself, “Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s just a dream.” I shout again. But the truth

wasn’t that, it wasn’t a dream, it was the reality.

I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day, that hour, that minute and that second, my biggest fear is cats!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Welcome by Snowy Fox


Ding dong! It was almost 9:00 pm, and we were finally standing on the doorstep of my Nana’s and Papa’s house in The United States of America in Indiana!! Though it had been a really long trip, we finally made it. The door opened and my Nana was waiting for us on a rocking chair right next to a toasty hot fire.

The table was set and the oven was cooking with an amazing smell that was extruding from the oven. The tree was already made and some ornaments were hanging on the branches. The ornaments had bursting colors like: red, blue, and yellow, green, and purple.

We ran over to our Nana that hadn’t seen us yet. She almost cried when she saw us, she hugged and kissed us. She called my Aunty and my Papa. They came down the creaky stairs and welcomed us in their cozy cottage.

We sat at the dining table and ate the most amazing food. Meanwhile we got tucked in bed and closed our eyes, we dreamed of the following amazing days in America…..