Monthly Archives: September 2016

My Favorites by Hacker Boy

My favorite color is blue,
Just when I see from the plane,
The beautiful blue ocean.

My favorite smell is pizza,
Just because the smell,
Is better than the pizza.

My favorite place is in my room,
While I play minecraft at my computer,
Just because it calms me down,
I get calmer and calmer,
Sometimes I get a bit sleepy also,
Other times I get so mad,
That I am about to break glass.

My favorite hobby is tennis,
When I play it,
I am so excited that I’m getting better at it.

My Favorites POEM by #15


My favorite color is blue like the blue ocean.
When the dark comes and the sea
Looks like a deep dark hole in the galaxy.
My favorite smell is many nice smelled foods when the smell
Comes and its smell is weird.

My favorite place is my house
Because it has so many nice and fun things to do.

My favorite animal is the dog
Because it brings the ball to play with and it is
Very friendly.



My favorite color is red,
Just like when its by our awesome classroom door.
When I see it I feel ready to learn.

My favorite smell is is the smell of gasoline,
And as I pass next to a gas station,
I open my window and inlahe it as deeply as I can.

My favorite smell is my soccer school,
When the grass is new and tall.
Since I’m a goalkeeper,
I love the feeling when I’ve blocked a goal.
Everyone is shouting and cheering!

My favorite animal,
Is a dog barking all day,
And bouncing on the long valleys and streets.

Favorites Poem by Grey Orca


My favorite color is green,
Just like the grass on the ground,
And the shore of the sea,
Before mud or garbage covers it.

My favorite smell is the smell of the flowers.
The way it smells calms me down,
But it also gives me a happy feeling,
When I am close or next to it.
Just like yoga, it is calm and relaxing.
But it is also extraordinarily beautiful.

My favorite place is my bed.
I love sleeping, and I do sleep there,
It feels like it is made from flowers,
Soft, calm and beautiful.
It reminds me of relaxing, and I feel relief.

My favorite sport is swimming.
I like to exerscise in the water,
I feel cool in the summer and yet, I exercise,
Feeling like I am flying on the clouds.

My Favorite Poem by Blue Whale


It reminds me
Of the bright

When I can smell it
After the boring
Rainy day.

Where we can see the
Shiny smiling moon
Glooming in the dark.
And where we can hear
Owls tweet and twoo
In the dark.
The Happy park is glooming
In the dark

Favorites Poem by Cool Owl Boy

My favorite color is grass green
As the rain grows it in the terrain.

My favorite smell is pizza,
While the pepperoni melts,
Followed by the cheese and the onion.

My favorite place is my summer house,
Where the sea is really close,
And when I get out I get splashes on my face.

My favorite sport is tennis,
As I swing my racket to my opponent
And having a feeling of believing that I’ll win.

My Favorites by Fluffy Pig


My favorite color:

My favourite color is green,
Because I like to see the
trees and the grass from above.
My favorite place:

My favorite place is my home,
Because I like to play in the garden.
I like to play soccer,basketball
And to play with my dog.

My favorite smell:

My favorite smell is the smell of pizza.
I like it when the chef is making the dough,
and puts in peperoni.

My favorite number:

My favourite number is seven,
Because I like a soccer player
With this number called Cantona.

My Favorites Poem by Snowy Fox


My Favorite color is yellow,
Just like the stars that twinkle right next to the moon,
In the pitch black sky.

My favorite smell is sweet caramel,
While I smell it I feel relaxed,
Its sweet smell makes my dreams come true.

My favorite place is in my dream,
Where everything is just right,
I swim in pools of chocolate,
I fly into the sky ,
I eat the biggest burger.

My favorite animal is the Snowy fox,
Is whiter than the whitest snow,
You watch it hunt its wild prey,
That’s the snowy fox.

Favorites Poem by #18

My favorite sound.
Is listening to the noise.
Of the owls echoing.
As they call and respond to each other.
In the bright starlight at midnight.

My favorite smell.
Is after the rain as,
I see the flowers in bloom, and.
I feel I am flying to the air.

My favorite color is white.
As I see the clouds changing shapes.
I think of it as snow.

My favorite place.
Is the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Before all the crowds joins me.
Because I feel I will fall.

My FAVORITES POEM by Pink Mustache

My favorite color is blue
When the sky,
Comes it’s like,
The reflection of the sea opens.
My favorite smell is pizza smell.
I smell the cheesy milky smell from the cows,
And the bacon from the pigs,
Its like a painting full of beauty!!!!!

My favorite place is the Emirates Stadium.
The sound of the crowd roar and,
The rain dropping on the floor.

My favorite sport is soccer.
I love when I tackle,
The ball and fall.

Favorites Poem by #20

My favorite color is green,
Like the trees and the grass,
That gives oxygen.

A really nice smell is the smell,
Of the rain just like when it falls,
Hard to the ground…SPLASH!!

How I wished to be in London right now!
Since I went to Madam Tussaud’s,
I loved London.
Actually Madam Tussaud’s is a place,
With candies and movies!

They are your best friends.
Just when I found my dog
In the garbage
I realized that puppies are so cute!!

My Favorite Color is Purple by #8

My favorite color is purple,
And it reminds me of my favorite bag,
When I go to school after a long summer.

My favorite smell is the smell of the rain,
It rains so much that,
The ground is all wet and ,
My feet soak down and down.
My favorite place is in the Cruise ship,
With lots of people crowding,
Because there is a long buffet with lots of food,
Five pools and the sea to swim in the hot summer.

My favorite hobby is biking ,
Up and down the hills with,
The air coming right in my face,
My bike will be always there too.

Favorites Poem by #13


My favorite color is green.
Just like the grass,
And the leaves up in the trees

My favorite aroma
Just when I enter my house.
It is the surprising smell of my favorite food.
Sizzling in the oven.

My favorite restaurant is Chinese.
As I walk in the door.
And smell many tasty and delicious foods.
From the traditional chefs.

My favorite ice cream flavor is.
Dark chocolate when it is dripping.
From the heat of the sun.