Slaving Away! by Cat Girl


Yes ma’m coming!  I can only talk to you for a few minutes because I will leave soon.  My name is Theodosia North.  I live in the Southern Colonies.  My parents are from Africa but I was born in Virginia.  I am 16 years old and I come from a big family, I have an older sister and 3 younger brothers.  My sister is a servant for the manor lady.  I work at the indigo plantation, it’s a hard job.  Every day I wake up at 5: am with a bell, I pack lunch, work, eat lunch, come home at 8: pm, eat dinner, take care of the cabin garden and sleep.  I still have to finish planting the tobacco in my cabin garden.

It’s hard to work in the plantation.  We have to work a lot.  If we don’t work we will get beaten by the overseer.  We barely eat and we work all day, also we live in small huts.  I wish I wasn’t a slave, I can’t understand why we are slaves just because of our skin color.

I wish that black people were free and that I and my family were back in Africa.   My favorite day of the week is Sunday because we work half hours.  I like to cook and work as a dressmaker, to raise money.

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