Life as a Dressmaker by Dog Girl

Hello. My name is Isabella Whitney. I am a dressmaker. I live in Virginia in the 13 Colonies. I live here because in England it is cold and in Virginia is warm. In about a month I will get married to Elias North, the farmer. A worry that I have is that I do not get much money from my work, but I have food to eat because of the farm that my husband owns. To help in the family, I feed the animals in the farm. Some animals that we have are chicken, sheep and a pig. I am not a morning person so my mom has to wake me up before the first light. Luckily she lives next door. My everyday schedule usually is waking to feed the animals. Then I go back to sleep. When I wake up I eat my breakfast and after I read my Bible and I pray that someone will bring me work. In the afternoon I do my dressmaking. Usually I fix old clothing, but when I need to make a new dress I am very happy. Sometimes if I have more work that usual I work at night by candle light.

I am happy here in Virginia because I have almost all the things I need. A worry that I have is that there is a dressmaker next door that was once my friend and when she made her shop we became enemies because she was copying me and my styles. The worst thing that she did was that, I was making a dress and then the next day when I went to work in my work shop my pins, needles, thimbles and my scissors were gone. I went to her shop to see if she took them and she really did. From that time we did not even talk to each other. I wish she does not bother me anymore. Also, sometimes when I think about my dad, I cry because he got sick and died when I was 10 years old.

I really like my job and I would not change it. I have a very good job and I am happy with it. My big wish that I have is that more people will come and give me more work especially I wish I could make more dresses for women. But I am excited that I will make my wedding dress! I think my life is good and I do not want to change anything. I hope I have a nice future with my husband.

Something that makes me happy is that I do dressmaking. I enjoy doing this because I put my creativity in the dresses. My favorite thing to do is make new dresses. My favorite dress was the dress that I made for my mom. I put flowers on it, leaves and a very light pink in the middle. This dress was for her to do her garden work because she had a garden and she wanted something special for that job.

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