From One Place to Another by Squirrel Shadow


Have you ever fed a pig? I have. Hello my name is Katura Morris. It is the year of 1750 I’ve grown up on a farm with my family in South Carolina in the Southern colonies. My farm job was to feed the pigs, they would love it, and I would too. Sometimes I would chop up apples and secretly put it in the pig bin. I have moved this year to Pennsylvania to join my fiancé, Alden Morse in his own printing shop. I am working there now. My job takes a lot of strength, time and concentration.  I normally wake up at 7:00am and go home at 8:00pm. I still need to learn how to make forms, whenever I try the letters are never the same height and the page looks a mess. One part of my job is making the ink. All you need is tannin, iron sulfate, gum and water then you mix it. Every day I send a letter to mother telling her I can be there in less than a day if she needs me to help on the farm. I do the same for my brothers and my father. They all say the same thing “the pigs are doing fine,” I always laugh at that. I really like working as a printer but there are some things I just can’t stand! Why do I always have to fetch the paper?! I always get paper cuts! And why can’t I write my own story for once?! But not all of it’s bad. I love the weather here in Pennsylvania. The people will invite you inside their home no matter who you are. I’m really happy here. Tomorrow I will write an article about how I feel here in Pennsylvania then I will secretly publish it. I have dreamed about being a printer all my life and now it’s finally come true. One of the things I absolutely love is riding my bike around town there are so many parks and beautiful sceneries. And another thing I enjoy, have you ever eaten apple pie on the beach? It’s the swellest thing on earth, it always cheers me up when I’m down I absolutely love it. I’m writing a book now, it’s called “The secret of Bunker Hill.” It is about the battle of Bunker Hill. One of the oldest memories I remember is the day I wrote my first story. I was about to turn 10, it was about my cat, Tips. I showed the book to everyone I knew. I was so proud of myself.

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