Daily Life as a Blacksmith by Cortez



Have you ever wondered who makes all your metal products? Well, blacksmiths like me produce them.

My name is Job Smith and I work as a blacksmith in Philadelphia. I was born in England and grew up there, but I couldn’t find a job, so I moved to the Colonies when I was 16. I was an apprentice for few years, but I started my own business after I finished my apprenticeship. I also graduated from a school for artisans and traders. The actual artisans and traders taught us. It is called the guild system All I remember about my childhood is learning how to make utensils from my master. I am very busy and I wake up at 5 am and work until 10 at night because as new settlers come, I have to provide and repair tools, household objects and weapons made of metal such as utensils, sewing tools, nails, axes,  farming tools, guns, blacksmith tools and much more. The buyers of my products are carpenters, army commanders, and new settlers. Our products are sold both in the colonies and in England.  My workshop is called a smithy and it is hot, tidy and dark. I make a lot of money working long hours.

Even though I make a lot of money, I still have to work really long hours and I hardly have any time to do my favorite things. Another problem is that I want to have servants like many other blacksmith. Since I don’t have my own servant, I have to do all the housework by myself.  I still don’t have a servant because I just became a real blacksmith. I don’t like the humid and hot weather in the colonies.  I don’t like working as a dentist because it is difficult. If I cause an accident, it is my fault. Since there are no dentists in the colonies, blacksmiths have to work as dentists too.

These were my complains, but I have big dreams too. I dream of getting slaves and servants. I also dream of becoming very rich and moving to the West where I can have a huge plot of land and many servants, slaves and apprentices.

The reason I like it here in the colonies is because it is freer here in the colonies than in England. We are more self – sufficient and self-governed here. We will not be put in jail for no reason and we can make a lot of money.

I like making myself and others metal products because it makes my skills better. My favorite moment being a blacksmith was when I finished apprenticeship and started my own business. The things I love to make are guns, gates, swords and cannons. However, I mostly have to make utensils and farming tools.

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