Colonial American child by The dalmatian


By: Christina Tirita

Hi, have you ever had to change life in a matter of minutes? Well I have. My name is Phoebe Ross. I was born in Massachusetts on September 8th 1806. I am 10 years old. My mom is Betsy Ross, at least that’s her married name. Her real name is Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom. My dad is John Ross. I was happy in Massachusetts, however I moved to Philadelphia to be with more family members.    In Philadelphia   I made many friends.  Every Friday I would play marbles, hopscotch, rounders, checkers and Red lions sometimes I would play keep the kettles boiling; this is a fast version of leap. The other half of the day I’m at school or working like all the other kids. My job at home is to cook.

I am actually happy I moved to Philadelphia.  My life is going great.  The only worry I really have is to have to move again. However if I did it would be really hard.

When I grow up I want to be just like my mom.  My mom’s life is hard she has to take care of me and my dad. However she also had to sew the first flag of the thirteen colonies.  She is my hero.

My favorite things to do are play marbles and sew with my mom. My favorite time was when my mom gave me my first sewing needle on my 5th birthday.   Ever since that day I’ve been making my own clothes. My mom and dad are trying to persuade me to became a clothes maker but I love cooking.

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