Betsy Ross   by Pink Fluffy Unicorn     

Have you ever sewn something from scratch, well I have. My name is Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom, but people know me as Betsy Ross. Ross is my married name. I was born on January,1,1752, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You are probably wondering what I have sewn, I have sewn The first flag of the 13 colonies. It was pretty tough. But luckily I had my lovely husband and daughter there to support me. I always had thoughts and doubts about “how will General Washington think of my work” and “will I finish on time?” General Washington checked up on me every month. I worked for 7 hours a day sewing. My father’s name is Samuel Griscom and my mother’s name is Rebecca Griscom. I have 16 siblings, I was #8. I love and care for each and everyone of them. Right now I don’t have any responsibilities, except of taking care of my little 10 year old daughter Phoebe Ross. I wouldn’t want to live any other life, or in any other city except Philadelphia.

You might find this hard to believe, but I actually wouldn’t mind working a few hours a day, maybe as a dressmaker. This might sound very motherly, but I dream about how my little Phoebe will look in 10 years. I hope I will still be alive to see my little baby grow up and make a family. Hopefully I will become a grandmother someday, and I wish my Phoebe will still be happy without me on this earth.

Unless you didn’t know, I really enjoy my family’s company, we always play marbles together and go on walks. Sewing the American flag was my biggest accomplishment, when I finished sewing I felt like a hero.


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