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 Betsy Ross   by Pink Fluffy Unicorn     

Have you ever sewn something from scratch, well I have. My name is Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom, but people know me as Betsy Ross. Ross is my married name. I was born on January,1,1752, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You are probably wondering what I have sewn, I have sewn The first flag of the 13 colonies. It was pretty tough. But luckily I had my lovely husband and daughter there to support me. I always had thoughts and doubts about “how will General Washington think of my work” and “will I finish on time?” General Washington checked up on me every month. I worked for 7 hours a day sewing. My father’s name is Samuel Griscom and my mother’s name is Rebecca Griscom. I have 16 siblings, I was #8. I love and care for each and everyone of them. Right now I don’t have any responsibilities, except of taking care of my little 10 year old daughter Phoebe Ross. I wouldn’t want to live any other life, or in any other city except Philadelphia.

You might find this hard to believe, but I actually wouldn’t mind working a few hours a day, maybe as a dressmaker. This might sound very motherly, but I dream about how my little Phoebe will look in 10 years. I hope I will still be alive to see my little baby grow up and make a family. Hopefully I will become a grandmother someday, and I wish my Phoebe will still be happy without me on this earth.

Unless you didn’t know, I really enjoy my family’s company, we always play marbles together and go on walks. Sewing the American flag was my biggest accomplishment, when I finished sewing I felt like a hero.


A Baker’s Life by Owl Girl


Have you ever met a baker? Well that’s me.  My name is Theodosia Morris.  I am a baker in New Jersey at the Middle Colonies.  My parents are still alive and help me when I need them.  I was married when I was 20 years old and had two kids with Abel Livingstone, the farmer.  One is called Eleanor and the other is called Fanny.  I am worried that I don’t get as much money as I would like to have.  Some of the animals that we have are sheep’s, pigs and chickens.  I and my family are self-sufficient.  My jobs and tasks that I still do today is being a baker.  My schedule and my responsibilities are first, to wake up early at 5:00 a.m. and wash my family’s clothes, feed the animals in the farm, then go to the bakery and bake bread and cookies and sell them.  Finally, I go back home at 5 or 6:00 p.m. and rest in my bed.  One is called Eleanor and the other is called Fanny.  I am worried that I don’t get as much money as I would like to have.  Some of the animals that we have are sheep’s, pigs and chickens.  I and my family are self-sufficient.  My jobs and tasks that I still do today is being a baker.  My schedule and my responsibilities are first, to wake up early at 5:00 a.m. and wash my family’s clothes, feed the animals in the farm, then go to the bakery and bake bread and cookies and sell them.  Finally, I go back home at 6:00 p.m. and rest on my bed.

I really hate when I have to go buy the flour, and asking me immediately to bake cookies.  I am really happy in the Middle Colonies because it is very warm. What annoys me is that I have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and feed the animals in the farm.  A life problem that I have is that I need more money.

I would rather be a printer but I am a baker.  My dreams and wishes are to have a lot more money.  I could change my life by helping my husband at the farm in the afternoon.  My hopes and wishes for the future are to spend more time having fun with my kids so they could be happy.

What make me really happy are my kids and my husband.  I enjoy baking cookies to my kids.  My favorite activities are to bake cookies to my kids and farm with my family, feed the animals in the farm.  A great and favorite time that I remember really well, was when I was 21 that I gave birth to Eleanor and after two years to Fanny.  I was really happy!


Life as a Dressmaker by Dog Girl

Hello. My name is Isabella Whitney. I am a dressmaker. I live in Virginia in the 13 Colonies. I live here because in England it is cold and in Virginia is warm. In about a month I will get married to Elias North, the farmer. A worry that I have is that I do not get much money from my work, but I have food to eat because of the farm that my husband owns. To help in the family, I feed the animals in the farm. Some animals that we have are chicken, sheep and a pig. I am not a morning person so my mom has to wake me up before the first light. Luckily she lives next door. My everyday schedule usually is waking to feed the animals. Then I go back to sleep. When I wake up I eat my breakfast and after I read my Bible and I pray that someone will bring me work. In the afternoon I do my dressmaking. Usually I fix old clothing, but when I need to make a new dress I am very happy. Sometimes if I have more work that usual I work at night by candle light.

I am happy here in Virginia because I have almost all the things I need. A worry that I have is that there is a dressmaker next door that was once my friend and when she made her shop we became enemies because she was copying me and my styles. The worst thing that she did was that, I was making a dress and then the next day when I went to work in my work shop my pins, needles, thimbles and my scissors were gone. I went to her shop to see if she took them and she really did. From that time we did not even talk to each other. I wish she does not bother me anymore. Also, sometimes when I think about my dad, I cry because he got sick and died when I was 10 years old.

I really like my job and I would not change it. I have a very good job and I am happy with it. My big wish that I have is that more people will come and give me more work especially I wish I could make more dresses for women. But I am excited that I will make my wedding dress! I think my life is good and I do not want to change anything. I hope I have a nice future with my husband.

Something that makes me happy is that I do dressmaking. I enjoy doing this because I put my creativity in the dresses. My favorite thing to do is make new dresses. My favorite dress was the dress that I made for my mom. I put flowers on it, leaves and a very light pink in the middle. This dress was for her to do her garden work because she had a garden and she wanted something special for that job.

Colonial American child by The dalmatian


By: Christina Tirita

Hi, have you ever had to change life in a matter of minutes? Well I have. My name is Phoebe Ross. I was born in Massachusetts on September 8th 1806. I am 10 years old. My mom is Betsy Ross, at least that’s her married name. Her real name is Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom. My dad is John Ross. I was happy in Massachusetts, however I moved to Philadelphia to be with more family members.    In Philadelphia   I made many friends.  Every Friday I would play marbles, hopscotch, rounders, checkers and Red lions sometimes I would play keep the kettles boiling; this is a fast version of leap. The other half of the day I’m at school or working like all the other kids. My job at home is to cook.

I am actually happy I moved to Philadelphia.  My life is going great.  The only worry I really have is to have to move again. However if I did it would be really hard.

When I grow up I want to be just like my mom.  My mom’s life is hard she has to take care of me and my dad. However she also had to sew the first flag of the thirteen colonies.  She is my hero.

My favorite things to do are play marbles and sew with my mom. My favorite time was when my mom gave me my first sewing needle on my 5th birthday.   Ever since that day I’ve been making my own clothes. My mom and dad are trying to persuade me to became a clothes maker but I love cooking.

Slaving Away! by Cat Girl


Yes ma’m coming!  I can only talk to you for a few minutes because I will leave soon.  My name is Theodosia North.  I live in the Southern Colonies.  My parents are from Africa but I was born in Virginia.  I am 16 years old and I come from a big family, I have an older sister and 3 younger brothers.  My sister is a servant for the manor lady.  I work at the indigo plantation, it’s a hard job.  Every day I wake up at 5: am with a bell, I pack lunch, work, eat lunch, come home at 8: pm, eat dinner, take care of the cabin garden and sleep.  I still have to finish planting the tobacco in my cabin garden.

It’s hard to work in the plantation.  We have to work a lot.  If we don’t work we will get beaten by the overseer.  We barely eat and we work all day, also we live in small huts.  I wish I wasn’t a slave, I can’t understand why we are slaves just because of our skin color.

I wish that black people were free and that I and my family were back in Africa.   My favorite day of the week is Sunday because we work half hours.  I like to cook and work as a dressmaker, to raise money.

From One Place to Another by Squirrel Shadow


Have you ever fed a pig? I have. Hello my name is Katura Morris. It is the year of 1750 I’ve grown up on a farm with my family in South Carolina in the Southern colonies. My farm job was to feed the pigs, they would love it, and I would too. Sometimes I would chop up apples and secretly put it in the pig bin. I have moved this year to Pennsylvania to join my fiancé, Alden Morse in his own printing shop. I am working there now. My job takes a lot of strength, time and concentration.  I normally wake up at 7:00am and go home at 8:00pm. I still need to learn how to make forms, whenever I try the letters are never the same height and the page looks a mess. One part of my job is making the ink. All you need is tannin, iron sulfate, gum and water then you mix it. Every day I send a letter to mother telling her I can be there in less than a day if she needs me to help on the farm. I do the same for my brothers and my father. They all say the same thing “the pigs are doing fine,” I always laugh at that. I really like working as a printer but there are some things I just can’t stand! Why do I always have to fetch the paper?! I always get paper cuts! And why can’t I write my own story for once?! But not all of it’s bad. I love the weather here in Pennsylvania. The people will invite you inside their home no matter who you are. I’m really happy here. Tomorrow I will write an article about how I feel here in Pennsylvania then I will secretly publish it. I have dreamed about being a printer all my life and now it’s finally come true. One of the things I absolutely love is riding my bike around town there are so many parks and beautiful sceneries. And another thing I enjoy, have you ever eaten apple pie on the beach? It’s the swellest thing on earth, it always cheers me up when I’m down I absolutely love it. I’m writing a book now, it’s called “The secret of Bunker Hill.” It is about the battle of Bunker Hill. One of the oldest memories I remember is the day I wrote my first story. I was about to turn 10, it was about my cat, Tips. I showed the book to everyone I knew. I was so proud of myself.

Daily Life as a Blacksmith by Cortez



Have you ever wondered who makes all your metal products? Well, blacksmiths like me produce them.

My name is Job Smith and I work as a blacksmith in Philadelphia. I was born in England and grew up there, but I couldn’t find a job, so I moved to the Colonies when I was 16. I was an apprentice for few years, but I started my own business after I finished my apprenticeship. I also graduated from a school for artisans and traders. The actual artisans and traders taught us. It is called the guild system All I remember about my childhood is learning how to make utensils from my master. I am very busy and I wake up at 5 am and work until 10 at night because as new settlers come, I have to provide and repair tools, household objects and weapons made of metal such as utensils, sewing tools, nails, axes,  farming tools, guns, blacksmith tools and much more. The buyers of my products are carpenters, army commanders, and new settlers. Our products are sold both in the colonies and in England.  My workshop is called a smithy and it is hot, tidy and dark. I make a lot of money working long hours.

Even though I make a lot of money, I still have to work really long hours and I hardly have any time to do my favorite things. Another problem is that I want to have servants like many other blacksmith. Since I don’t have my own servant, I have to do all the housework by myself.  I still don’t have a servant because I just became a real blacksmith. I don’t like the humid and hot weather in the colonies.  I don’t like working as a dentist because it is difficult. If I cause an accident, it is my fault. Since there are no dentists in the colonies, blacksmiths have to work as dentists too.

These were my complains, but I have big dreams too. I dream of getting slaves and servants. I also dream of becoming very rich and moving to the West where I can have a huge plot of land and many servants, slaves and apprentices.

The reason I like it here in the colonies is because it is freer here in the colonies than in England. We are more self – sufficient and self-governed here. We will not be put in jail for no reason and we can make a lot of money.

I like making myself and others metal products because it makes my skills better. My favorite moment being a blacksmith was when I finished apprenticeship and started my own business. The things I love to make are guns, gates, swords and cannons. However, I mostly have to make utensils and farming tools.