A Visiting Poet by Leopard and Ender Girl

On February 5th, Ms.Stallings came to visit our classroom. Ms.Stallings is a poet. We read the poems “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll, “The Riddles of Bilbo and Gollum” and “I like to see it lap the Miles” by Emily Dickinson. We also talked about types of poems called kennings and riddles. Then we created poems all together. After, we were asked to make our own just like the ones we made with the whole class. We had a lot of fun and it was an awesome experience.

Thank you Ms.Stallings!!!!


Grass cruncher

Black and white

Moo maker

Milk shaker

Slow and fat

Tail flapper

Viking Hat wearer

Sleep stander


Slimy slitherer

Fast darter

S- hisser

Thin stretcher                          

Skin shedder               

Quick killer

Tail rattler

Poison puncture

Camouflage coiler

Clothes changer

by class 5M – 2016

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