Magic in our room! By Tobi

IMG_2655Suddenly, the whole class went crazy! Everyone was opening their message wildly. I am reading what the Magic Typewriter responded to me after I asked it a lot of questions. The Magic Typewriter has a magical letter box that can be opened by a spoon and when we write a letter to it, it sends one back to us. Last time we had to write a bunch of questions to the Magic Typewriter and we waited for about 6 weeks for the reply! But it finally answered us on December. The Magic Typewriter writes to us from the Lost and Found in the Grand Central station, U.S.

I was surprised when the Magic Typewriter finally answered. I finally got to read the reply from the Magic Typewriter got me. But when I opened the message and read it, I didn’t see any of my questions being answered. I was shocked by what he typed to me. When I replied, I told him to redo the message. Now I have to wait for a long time to get the perfect message again! Isn’t there magic in our room!?

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