Can’t wait! by The Dalmatian

IMG_2649Everybody can’t wait for the exciting Mystery Typewriter mail!  What answer will he give you and to which question you asked? He answers your question and you answer his back. Everybody can try. However,  don’t wait for it to come fast because the real world of messaging is as slow as a snail. That’s why they call it snail mail!  He lives somewhere far in the U.S.A where you will never think to look.

Some of the students got a mystery math question from the typewriter. Also, some kids got a drawing on the top of their paper. No one knows if he is real. Some people think that the Magic Typewriter is actually the middle school students and that is one of their assignments in computers.   However, many people have different ideas. You also might have a theory too.     So what is your theory?

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