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Guess who! by Pink Fluffy Unicorn

                ME POEM 

I am a flexible, friendly swimmer 

and a Student Council Rep.

I can dance Contemporary,

Speak Serbian and do an Arial.

I would like to be a professional dancer,

And live in Australia.

I’m not good at Jenga,

Nor disrespectful.

I can’t speak German,

Or cheer people up.

I wouldn’t shout at people, 

Swear when I’m driving,

Or smoke!

Can’t wait! by The Dalmatian

IMG_2649Everybody can’t wait for the exciting Mystery Typewriter mail!  What answer will he give you and to which question you asked? He answers your question and you answer his back. Everybody can try. However,  don’t wait for it to come fast because the real world of messaging is as slow as a snail. That’s why they call it snail mail!  He lives somewhere far in the U.S.A where you will never think to look.

Some of the students got a mystery math question from the typewriter. Also, some kids got a drawing on the top of their paper. No one knows if he is real. Some people think that the Magic Typewriter is actually the middle school students and that is one of their assignments in computers.   However, many people have different ideas. You also might have a theory too.     So what is your theory?

Decorating for Christmas! by Squirrel Shadow

IMG_2646Some students from the fifth grade have helped decorate the classroom for Christmas. It was fun! We were using a lot of teamwork while we were decorating, whether it was making red and green chains or cutting out stars. We are all great friends. All the girls mostly from Miss Kynigou’s class stayed in for break just to help. That is why the boys had more break time but they had to help set up the Christmas party. They pushed all of the desks together, put paper on top and placed the plates on them. We were all excited when we were done. We are all looking forward to the holiday.

Magic in our room! By Tobi

IMG_2655Suddenly, the whole class went crazy! Everyone was opening their message wildly. I am reading what the Magic Typewriter responded to me after I asked it a lot of questions. The Magic Typewriter has a magical letter box that can be opened by a spoon and when we write a letter to it, it sends one back to us. Last time we had to write a bunch of questions to the Magic Typewriter and we waited for about 6 weeks for the reply! But it finally answered us on December. The Magic Typewriter writes to us from the Lost and Found in the Grand Central station, U.S.

I was surprised when the Magic Typewriter finally answered. I finally got to read the reply from the Magic Typewriter got me. But when I opened the message and read it, I didn’t see any of my questions being answered. I was shocked by what he typed to me. When I replied, I told him to redo the message. Now I have to wait for a long time to get the perfect message again! Isn’t there magic in our room!?

The Magic Typewriter by Dog Girl

IMG_2654Do you know about the Magic Typewriter? The Magic Typewriter is a typewriter that sends letters to students. You write to it and then it writes back. That is what happened that day that I got the letter back. I wrote to the Magic Typewriter and then it wrote back to me. Because I had questions, it answered them. It is really fun to write letters. Now I am writing a letter back to it.

It is really exciting to get the letter back. I think the best thing is that you learn to write letters. You learn but you also have fun. It is like writing to a friend except you are writing to a typewriter. Reader, do you like writing to a friend? If you do like writing to a friend, you might like writing to a typewriter. What do you think about the Magic Typewriter?

The Expedition to the Middle School by Owl Girl

Cat Girl, Happy Girl and I couldn’t wait to participate in the expedition. Cat Girl had a magnifying glass, a compass, a telescope, and a flag that had an owl and wrote on it “Queen Kynigou.” I had a magnifying glass, a compass, and also a flag that had an owl and wrote on it “Queen Kynigou.” We had a map to keep track where we went, so we can come back safely. We now ready to begin our expedition. 

Cat Girl, Happy Girl and I wanted to find out what was the unknown island. We discovered many things that we didn’t know. Like an ancient microscope, many real animals covered with something called “glass”, and many more things that my two friends and I discovered. Cat Girl, Happy Girl and I and the whole class really want to go and explore more places in the middle school! Everybody is so excited!!!