Despereaux VS Roscuro by Tobi


In the Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo, two rodents lived in a castle. One is Despereaux and the other is Roscuro. Reader, do you think that they have more similarities or more differences? Let’s find out!

So, reader, let’s talk about differences about those two rodents Despereaux and Roscuro. The mouse Despereaux lives in the light, on the other hand Roscuro the rat lives in the dungeon. Despereaux was born with large ears and a tiny body, unlike Roscuro who was born as a regular rat. Despereaux doesn’t like making people suffer in spite of Roscuro who loves watching and making people suffer. Despereaux knows how to read but Roscuro doesn’t know. Despereaux is immature in comparison, Roscuro is mature.

Now, reader, we shall move to the similarities between those two rodents Despereaux and Roscuro. Both Despereaux and Roscuro like the light. Reader, did you know that Despereaux disobeys being his species, equally to the rat Roscuro. Despereaux did something nasty to his towards the mouse society not to mention Roscuro who also put his rat society in trouble. Roscuro likes hearing music in addition to Despereaux who also likes hearing music. Reader, did you know that both Despereaux and Roscuro like exploring? Well, now you know, they do?

You never know reader, maybe Despereaux Tilling and Chiaroscuro will change, and maybe they will have more differences or even more similarities. Will the two rodents change at all?

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