Are They Different? by Squirrel Shadow


In the pages of a book lived two rodents, one named Despereaux and the other Roscuro. One lived in a chamber of the castle and the other spent the days of his life in the deep darks of the dungeon in the castle. Although they are both rodents, they have differences. Reader, would you do the honor of reading my essay about these two rodents?


Despereaux will normally spend the day roaming around the castle, following the music playing from the king’s guitar. Yet Roscuro will follow the light reflecting off the queen’s soup spoon. Roscuro is a risky rat not to mention he took a risk at chewing on Gregory’s rope, and almost lost his whiskers! And Despereaux is a cautious mouse different from Roscuro. Despereaux won’t even nibble on a piece of paper! As follows Despereaux is French as to Roscuro is Italian. Although Roscuro was born in the dungeon Despereaux was taken there.


That’s just how they are different but they do have similarities. They both like the beautiful light shining from the stained glass windows. They also act like humans: for example, Roscuro wears a red cape and a soup spoon on his head and Despereaux reads instead of nibbling on the books. Although Roscuro wants revenge and Despereaux loves her they both have feelings for the princess. Both are also in trouble, Roscuro is hiding in the dungeon because rats are outlawed. In addition Despereaux is locked in the dungeon because he broke the one and only mouse rule, “never ever under any condition go in the sight of any human eye”.


To me, my favorite rodent is… Despereaux, because he is an open minded mini mouse. And I figured out that the two are more alike than different. Now I shall leave you so I don’t spoil the story.

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