Wall Climbing by Cat Girl


I looked at the big wall. Today the P.E teacher told us that we were going to do wall climbing. Me and Evdoxia practiced after school at the big gym, but I never had climbed the whole wall. The teacher was explaining how to climb. I was looking at how a other teacher was climbing. I looked carefully at the details.

“Who wants to go first?”Asked the teacher. Everyone raised their hand. The teacher choose one two people to go first. I watched as they climbed the wall climbing wall. Only a few people made it to the top because it was everyone’s first time. I went third.

 I watched as the teacher put on my belt. I started climbing thinking carefully before I held on the next rock. It felt great! I had never been so high before! I looked down. Everyone looked tiny! That’s when I got scared. My hands trembled, I felt l was going to slip. I paused. I wanted to make it to the top, but I felt like I couldn’t.

 “Can I get down?” I asked almost whispering. The teacher pulled me down.

 “Tomorrow is the last day of wall climbing. I have to make it to the top!” I thought.

 The next day we were again at the wall climbing wall. This time I went first. I took a deep breath and started going up the wall. When I got to the middle of the wall climbing I did the same mistake, I looked down! I wanted to go down, but I continued. Slowly I reached to the top. I could hear people clapping! I felt great!

 “I did it!” I thought.



2 thoughts on “Wall Climbing by Cat Girl

  1. Dear Cat Girl,
    I like your story,like you write “I have to make it to the top.” You give yourself some powers to make you not afraid to climb the wall.

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