At Last by Dragon Warrior

At last, at last it has been done! I‘ve done it! I’ve written nicely finally! I’ve practiced for 3 years. Ok, you may think that handwriting nicely is easy. Well it wasn’t for me! I was 5 years old when I first started writing. At 5 years old I was at kindergarten. We didn’t write a lot, we just played. My handwriting was kind of good at that point. When I went to 1st grade my papers started looking like a spider with its feet dipped in ink had started walking on top of my papers! It was hard because I was young and didn’t have a lot control of my body. My hand muscles weren’t that strong and tight, that made my hand writing awful. Now it’s amazing!
Last year my mom brought me a really intelligent teacher that if Einstein went against her she would win! We practiced for hours but for me it was like years! My home teacher always said, “Erase!”
I replied, “I have lost the eraser!”
That was one of my major handwriting problems, scribbling over letters, not erasing. I usually over lapped on top of letters so at the end my papers looked like a big black rectangle.
When my home teacher would say redo I would start banging my hands on my desk until it would almost break! I would start crying and screaming like a baby not to have to redo it. I thought it looked nice but my home teacher or school teacher didn’t. Ms. Evy said “Take a picture of so you can remember to erase!”
So if you see me with a picture of someone don’t think I’m crazy! What made me overcome my challenge was that I was so bored of my teachers telling me to redo every piece of writing. For a while I had just the word “redo” in my head. The word redo flew through my head like a pigeon flying through the beautiful sky. I would only think of writing at that point. I finally broke when I saw the report cards, I set goal for myself and from now own I follow it. It took me four weeks to become a “perfect hand writer”. After those four weeks my writing papers and grades were and are fantastic! I have destroyed my challenge!

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