My Little Brother by Squirrel Shadow

Do you have a little brother? Well, I do.
My little brother was so annoying. Whenever I would be reading or something, my little brother would pass by singing. Imagine yourself, laying on a comfortable couch reading and “someone” comes in singing, “La la la la la la”. Now ask yourself, “Would I be mad if that happened to me?”
Well, according to me, yes, I would be mad. I would clench my fists and I would close my eyes trying to forget what had happened, but it wouldn’t work so I would think to myself, “Yell at him. Tell him to stop! Do something!” Then, I would think, “No, don’t yell at him, it will start a fight” I couldn’t stand it, I would say to him, “Stop singing!” but he would just say, “NO” continuing to give me a headache as if I hadn’t said a word. Most of the time I would try to help him with something, he would just get mad and I would just give up. Until one day we were shopping and I asked if I could get this book by Sadie Robertson. And ever since I started reading that book it has helped me to be more nice and kind to both of my brothers, because it tells about her childhood and has Bible verses. Whenever I read the book I always wake up so happy, and start the day fresh. It is still quite difficult for me to control my anger, but I try my best. On the weekends I let him sleep on the bottom bunk of my bed and he enjoys that. I’ve been playing with him too. To tell you the truth, it is really fun (when he doesn’t get mad).

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