How I got a Sister by The Happy Girl

Yes, finally I got a sister!!! I was so excited I could not hide it. I really wanted a sister and begged my mom to give me one so much. It was really hard to get a sister because, you have to be very responsible about babies and my mom was even more tired from her work.
I remember one day that I was sitting in the couch thinking and asking myself how different would my life be if I had a sister? After, I went in the kitchen where my mom was cooking and got my cute and sad look and said, “Mom could you please give me a sister?”
“No, it is not that easy.” She added, “It is very difficult to have a baby in the house.”
But my dad had got married and when in the winter we were going on vacation and he said, ‘’Celia, what would you like for your Christmas present?”
“I do not know but we have a lot of time until Christmas.” I added.
“Would you like a sister?” he said
“Yes!” I said. But reader I was also thinking why are we doing this conversation. “Well, you have one.” he said happily.
So, reader, that was the story of how I got a sister!

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