Sacagawea by the Dalmatian

It was 1787 when a little Shoshone princess was born and her name was Sacagawea. However she died at the age of 96. Sacagawea was from the western part of the Rocky Mountains .Sacagawea explored with Lewis and Clark. She was a Native American.
Sacagawea is most famous for helping Lewis and Clark on their expedition by leading them over the Rocky Mountains and helping them find food. Her expedition’s goal was to find the Pacific Ocean. She explored western America during the early 1800s. She accomplished her goal with Lewis and Clark. During her expedition she got married to Charboneo and gave birth to a little boy named Pompy. She was in a boat crash but she and Lewis, Clark and Pompy managed to live.
Sacagawea was an exciting person. She also was also adventurous. Her best traits were that she was a well trained food gatherer but she was moody. Sacagawea inspires me because she was a good person and was really helpful and kind.

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