Exploring The New World by Pink Fluffy Unicorn


Queen Penny has announced that we will be exploring the unknown territory, that the Natives call Middle School. It is scary to think about me leaving on an expedition. I mean I will do anything for my Queen, but the truth is that I am a little scared.

Weds .Oct.14

The day of the expedition has come. We are now exiting our Kingdom. We took 7 paces north, 5 paces west and 24 paces south. We entered a venue which seems to be an eating area. I see some Native friends and many flat tall platforms with small plastic sticks under them, like they are suppose to hold the platforms up. There are also glass cases with bottles of some sort of liquid inside of them. I also see many compartments that steam is coming out of, so I assume they are very, very HOT. There I see, small screens that show possibly what the other Native is buying as well as lots of food on display.

We took 20 paces north from the feasting venue’s entrance, in the middle of the floor there was a bird, but it was not where a bird is suppose to be. We took 9 paces east and 12 paces north, we have entered another venue with a few soft seating. It is a big tiled area ,with big columns and a lot of space.

We took 7 paces south entering a huge carpeted area with a lot of seats and large black boxes on a big stage. 20 paces south exiting the carpeted venue we see a owl representing our kingdom.
10 paces north and 20 paces west, leaving the owl, we are now entering an area with a huge net in the middle and many natives trying to hit a ball over the net. How ridiculous is that! We decided to leave this area pretty quickly because a Native was getting mad.

We took 5 north and 5 paces east entering an area with a big hole in the middle filled with water! These natives are crazy! What do they do in there? I was feeling confused and scared at this point. What was going to happen next?

Luckily we took 25 paces southeast out of there. We saw our kingdom. We sailed over there. Finally we came back home! We showed our map to Queen Penny. She was satisfied. Our journey was complete!


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