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Wall Climbing by Cat Girl


I looked at the big wall. Today the P.E teacher told us that we were going to do wall climbing. Me and Evdoxia practiced after school at the big gym, but I never had climbed the whole wall. The teacher was explaining how to climb. I was looking at how a other teacher was climbing. I looked carefully at the details.

“Who wants to go first?”Asked the teacher. Everyone raised their hand. The teacher choose one two people to go first. I watched as they climbed the wall climbing wall. Only a few people made it to the top because it was everyone’s first time. I went third.

 I watched as the teacher put on my belt. I started climbing thinking carefully before I held on the next rock. It felt great! I had never been so high before! I looked down. Everyone looked tiny! That’s when I got scared. My hands trembled, I felt l was going to slip. I paused. I wanted to make it to the top, but I felt like I couldn’t.

 “Can I get down?” I asked almost whispering. The teacher pulled me down.

 “Tomorrow is the last day of wall climbing. I have to make it to the top!” I thought.

 The next day we were again at the wall climbing wall. This time I went first. I took a deep breath and started going up the wall. When I got to the middle of the wall climbing I did the same mistake, I looked down! I wanted to go down, but I continued. Slowly I reached to the top. I could hear people clapping! I felt great!

 “I did it!” I thought.



At Last by Dragon Warrior

At last, at last it has been done! I‘ve done it! I’ve written nicely finally! I’ve practiced for 3 years. Ok, you may think that handwriting nicely is easy. Well it wasn’t for me! I was 5 years old when I first started writing. At 5 years old I was at kindergarten. We didn’t write a lot, we just played. My handwriting was kind of good at that point. When I went to 1st grade my papers started looking like a spider with its feet dipped in ink had started walking on top of my papers! It was hard because I was young and didn’t have a lot control of my body. My hand muscles weren’t that strong and tight, that made my hand writing awful. Now it’s amazing!
Last year my mom brought me a really intelligent teacher that if Einstein went against her she would win! We practiced for hours but for me it was like years! My home teacher always said, “Erase!”
I replied, “I have lost the eraser!”
That was one of my major handwriting problems, scribbling over letters, not erasing. I usually over lapped on top of letters so at the end my papers looked like a big black rectangle.
When my home teacher would say redo I would start banging my hands on my desk until it would almost break! I would start crying and screaming like a baby not to have to redo it. I thought it looked nice but my home teacher or school teacher didn’t. Ms. Evy said “Take a picture of so you can remember to erase!”
So if you see me with a picture of someone don’t think I’m crazy! What made me overcome my challenge was that I was so bored of my teachers telling me to redo every piece of writing. For a while I had just the word “redo” in my head. The word redo flew through my head like a pigeon flying through the beautiful sky. I would only think of writing at that point. I finally broke when I saw the report cards, I set goal for myself and from now own I follow it. It took me four weeks to become a “perfect hand writer”. After those four weeks my writing papers and grades were and are fantastic! I have destroyed my challenge!

My Little Brother by Squirrel Shadow

Do you have a little brother? Well, I do.
My little brother was so annoying. Whenever I would be reading or something, my little brother would pass by singing. Imagine yourself, laying on a comfortable couch reading and “someone” comes in singing, “La la la la la la”. Now ask yourself, “Would I be mad if that happened to me?”
Well, according to me, yes, I would be mad. I would clench my fists and I would close my eyes trying to forget what had happened, but it wouldn’t work so I would think to myself, “Yell at him. Tell him to stop! Do something!” Then, I would think, “No, don’t yell at him, it will start a fight” I couldn’t stand it, I would say to him, “Stop singing!” but he would just say, “NO” continuing to give me a headache as if I hadn’t said a word. Most of the time I would try to help him with something, he would just get mad and I would just give up. Until one day we were shopping and I asked if I could get this book by Sadie Robertson. And ever since I started reading that book it has helped me to be more nice and kind to both of my brothers, because it tells about her childhood and has Bible verses. Whenever I read the book I always wake up so happy, and start the day fresh. It is still quite difficult for me to control my anger, but I try my best. On the weekends I let him sleep on the bottom bunk of my bed and he enjoys that. I’ve been playing with him too. To tell you the truth, it is really fun (when he doesn’t get mad).

How I got a Sister by The Happy Girl

Yes, finally I got a sister!!! I was so excited I could not hide it. I really wanted a sister and begged my mom to give me one so much. It was really hard to get a sister because, you have to be very responsible about babies and my mom was even more tired from her work.
I remember one day that I was sitting in the couch thinking and asking myself how different would my life be if I had a sister? After, I went in the kitchen where my mom was cooking and got my cute and sad look and said, “Mom could you please give me a sister?”
“No, it is not that easy.” She added, “It is very difficult to have a baby in the house.”
But my dad had got married and when in the winter we were going on vacation and he said, ‘’Celia, what would you like for your Christmas present?”
“I do not know but we have a lot of time until Christmas.” I added.
“Would you like a sister?” he said
“Yes!” I said. But reader I was also thinking why are we doing this conversation. “Well, you have one.” he said happily.
So, reader, that was the story of how I got a sister!

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado by Owl Girl

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a Spanish explorer. He was best known for exploring the American Southwest in 1540. He is also known for his discovery of the Great Plains of Kansas. Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain in 1510, and he died on September 22, 1554.
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado’s goal was to fin the cities of Cibola. The governor of New Spain decided to send Coronado to find the cities Cibola. Coronado had a huge expedition including 1,000 slaves and 2,000 men. He failed to find the cities of Cibola but he discovered the Grand Canyon. Coronado took 4 years over his expedition to find the cities of Cibola.
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado’s best qualities where that he was well educated. He also became a governor of an important Mexican Province. Coronado was a hero because he discovered the Grand Canyon and also the Great Plains of Kansas. His unfavorable qualities are, mistreated and enslaved the Pueblo Indians. He was guilty of committing atrocities and he was seen as a failure for finding the cities of Cibola.

Sacagawea by the Dalmatian

It was 1787 when a little Shoshone princess was born and her name was Sacagawea. However she died at the age of 96. Sacagawea was from the western part of the Rocky Mountains .Sacagawea explored with Lewis and Clark. She was a Native American.
Sacagawea is most famous for helping Lewis and Clark on their expedition by leading them over the Rocky Mountains and helping them find food. Her expedition’s goal was to find the Pacific Ocean. She explored western America during the early 1800s. She accomplished her goal with Lewis and Clark. During her expedition she got married to Charboneo and gave birth to a little boy named Pompy. She was in a boat crash but she and Lewis, Clark and Pompy managed to live.
Sacagawea was an exciting person. She also was also adventurous. Her best traits were that she was a well trained food gatherer but she was moody. Sacagawea inspires me because she was a good person and was really helpful and kind.

Exploring The New World by Pink Fluffy Unicorn


Queen Penny has announced that we will be exploring the unknown territory, that the Natives call Middle School. It is scary to think about me leaving on an expedition. I mean I will do anything for my Queen, but the truth is that I am a little scared.

Weds .Oct.14

The day of the expedition has come. We are now exiting our Kingdom. We took 7 paces north, 5 paces west and 24 paces south. We entered a venue which seems to be an eating area. I see some Native friends and many flat tall platforms with small plastic sticks under them, like they are suppose to hold the platforms up. There are also glass cases with bottles of some sort of liquid inside of them. I also see many compartments that steam is coming out of, so I assume they are very, very HOT. There I see, small screens that show possibly what the other Native is buying as well as lots of food on display.

We took 20 paces north from the feasting venue’s entrance, in the middle of the floor there was a bird, but it was not where a bird is suppose to be. We took 9 paces east and 12 paces north, we have entered another venue with a few soft seating. It is a big tiled area ,with big columns and a lot of space.

We took 7 paces south entering a huge carpeted area with a lot of seats and large black boxes on a big stage. 20 paces south exiting the carpeted venue we see a owl representing our kingdom.
10 paces north and 20 paces west, leaving the owl, we are now entering an area with a huge net in the middle and many natives trying to hit a ball over the net. How ridiculous is that! We decided to leave this area pretty quickly because a Native was getting mad.

We took 5 north and 5 paces east entering an area with a big hole in the middle filled with water! These natives are crazy! What do they do in there? I was feeling confused and scared at this point. What was going to happen next?

Luckily we took 25 paces southeast out of there. We saw our kingdom. We sailed over there. Finally we came back home! We showed our map to Queen Penny. She was satisfied. Our journey was complete!


   Cortés the Conquistador by Cortéz


The time was 1519 and 500 men wearing metal armor were marching through the city of Tenochtitlan. Since the Renaissance, which began around the 1350s,Europeans became more curious about the lands and riches of the New World. Hernando Cortes was one of them. He was born on 1485, in Castilian Province of Extremadura , Medellin, in kingdom of Castile ,what is now Spain. He died on December 2,1547 near the city of Seville. He attended the Salamanca University to study law, but he only learned a little Latin.  As a child , he was described as a pale and sickly child and as a teenager, he was restless, haughty and mischievious . His dad, Ruy Fernandez de Monroy was an infantry captain. Even though he didn’t study law, he got interested in the riches of the New World. Also, the great riches of Mexico encouraged him to become a soldier to join the expedition to Hispaniola and Cuba with by Velaquez. The names of the ships were Sara de Mingol, Dark Angle and Netherwood. He married 3 times and one of them was to Catalina Xuarez. He had a great dream of establishing a colony and gaining   the wealth of the New World


Hernando Cortes sailed out  from Cuba with 500 Spaniards to gain  some of the Aztec’s riches after becoming the governor of Santiago. His fleet to the new world had 11 ships,20 horses and 10  cannons. He is best known for conquering the mighty empire of the Aztecs in Central America for Spain. He arrived in 1519 from Cuba and held a meeting with Moctezuma, the ruler of the Aztecs. Cortes and Moctezuma knew each other from before. In the meeting, Moctezuma agreed to let Cortes stay in Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztecs.


After one year, the Aztecs rose up to throw the Spanish out of the city. Moctezuma was killed by his own people. Even though he was thrown out of the city, Cortes came back with more native allies in 1520.However, the Spanish and its allies were greatly outnumbered by the Aztecs. There were only 500 Spanish and there were 20,000 Aztec troops. However, there were advantages for Cortés’s army. He had horses which made them move faster, advanced weapons such as muskets and crossbows, bullets that could spear through the Aztec’s wool armor and metal armor which protected them from the Aztec’s stone weapons. Finally, he had two important advantages: the plague which the Aztecs suffered and allies such as the Indians who didn’t want to live under the Aztec rule. As a result of all these advantages, Tenochtitlan fell against the conquistadors in 1521.