Christmas Moments by The Happy Girl

I like the day of Christmas because on Christmas morning, I quickly ran to the Christmas tree that me and my mom had decorated to see my presents. While my mom is still sleeping, I sneak to see if my presents are under the Christmas tree that my mom placed the night before while I was sleeping.

I quickly place two more presents under the Christmas tree, my mom’s and my dog’s presents. My mom’s present is usually a beautiful bracelet or necklace that I made for her and a beautiful card that I have written with Christmas wishes for her. My dog’s presents are her special and most favorite dog biscuits.

When my mom wakes up, together we quickly run to the Christmas tree to see my presents but surprisingly she sees other gift bags. The ones I have placed under the Christmas tree while my mom was sleeping.

Suddenly, we look one another and we give a huge hug, a big kiss, and a giant smile to each other. Then we happily open our presents.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Moments by The Happy Girl

  1. Your story is awesome!
    I love how you put in details and I felt that I was there experiencing what you were experiencing.
    Amazing story!

    1. Dear Midnight Shadow,
      I liked the way you identified what worked for you in this piece of writing. It is great to also add something new in a comment.
      How do you like to show you take care of your parents?
      Mrs K.

      1. Dear Happy girl,
        I really enjoyed how you explained what you gave your dog and your Mom.

  2. Dear Happy Girl,

    I liked how you explained your story.I also liked that you give a present to your dog every year.
    Dog Girl

  3. Dear Happy Girl,
    I really liked what you gave to your dog.I think that’s very creative. Also I think making a gift is better then buying it because you become more creative.

  4. Dear Happy Girl,

    I really enjoyed your story because I love Christmas too and I love spending time with my family too.

    Merry Christmas!

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