Baking by Squirrel Shadow

Do you like baking?  I love baking.  Whenever I go to my Grandmothers house I always bake with her and we make cakes and cookies.  My favorite cookies that we would make have peanut butter with a Hershey Kiss in the middle.  My Mom and Dad really like this one cake called a, “Black Bottom Cheese Cake”.  It’s a chocolate cake with cream cheese swirls.  It is so delicious.  Whenever we bake I always ask if I can “clean” the bowl and when my grandmother says, “yes”, I grab a giant spoon and scrape the bowl until there isn’t anything left!

One time she asked me if I would help her make “Chicken Pot Pie” and obviously I said, “yes”.  I love to cook and bake with my grandmother.  Everybody in my family loves her baking so every Christmas, Easter and Family Birthday she packs a box full of sweets and a letter to each of us and sends it to my family.

On Thanksgiving I always bake, cook and clean with my Mom and Grandmothers.  Their cooking is the best.  I love baking!

5 thoughts on “Baking by Squirrel Shadow

  1. Dear Squirrel Shadow,

    I like the part when you said ” I always cook and bake with my grandmothers and my mother on Thanksgiving.” I liked it because it made me feel HAPPY.

  2. Dear Squirrel Shadow,

    I really liked your book because it reminded me when I would help my mom or grandma and it is funny because you ”cleaned” your plate!

  3. Dear Squirrel Shadow,

    I loved how you made me go into the story and made me read the story again and again.I also liked how you said do you like baking and then you said I love baking.
    Nice story!!

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