Sandcastle Adventures by Anna B.


​It was a beautiful evening on the seashore, where the clear blue waves danced amongst the shining sand – and I was building and enormous sandcastle. It contained everything in it to make it realistic, even families of sand people, wearing beautiful dresses and cloaks (originally carved with a straw) shining in the twilight. The cylinder walls shone beautifully silver as the sun set, and the amazingly detailed cone shaped roof of the four pillars took me at least one hour to perfect! (I even managed to carve out geometric shapes on the walls for more detail.) I was very proud of it; the biggest one I had made so far after all those hopeless tries! ​

Suddenly, a huge wave crashed onto my creation, and smashed into my face, destroying part of my castle! My imagination went wild, and I felt responsible to save it. I saw myself as a general, shouting instructions at the craftsmen and the workers, who had become my soldiers.


“Attention! We are under a siege!

“Special forces! Take the queen, who has given us the honor of visiting us today, to the safest parts of the castle!

“Builders! Load up as much sand as possible, to cover the walls! We need as many layers as possible!”

“Masons! Fetch stones to prevent the walls from caving in. Make sure to also carry some of those soft and thin cotton parachutes to cover our castle! I heard they are ultra absorbent…”

“Servants! Gather up all of the children and the elderly!

“Yes My Lady General!” they all chorused together.


Everyone was at work, making the castle bigger and stronger to survive the great attack of the sea army! Each wave wasn’t just water… each curve represented an eerie horse rider, with a special water blade which has the unique ability of melting sand with just one sweep! And those horses came from the devil! They were specially trained to blend in with the water, and that is why those slow giants thought they were just waves! They also helped to knock down sand by slashing with their hooves at innocent castles! Mainly, they existed to destruct.

I hopped to a bucket and started filling it frantically with moist sand, pouring it on the opening of the huge hole while the builders hurriedly smeared it all over to fill it. Once it was covered, I instructed the miners carefully to dig out a gigantic moat right around the walls connecting to a canal so that the water could flow away. I handed them shovels and they disappeared behind the walls. Before I made my next move, I raced to the masons and helped them carry the humungous absorbent blankets (my towels) over to the castle. After that, I commanded them to throw them over the castle for protection. I rushed clumsily to the outside of the castle and watched horrified as the sea army prepared an attack. The waves were building up, and the warriors were getting ready for the battle, almost reaching the surrounding walls of our home. I stood there, horrified while the killing drops were ready to sink their slippery fangs into the helpless castle. At once, I snapped awake, and ran to the builders and ordered them to head over to the nearest corners of the castle and to expand them while there was still time. Once I saw the miners heading for the castle, I told them to run and hide into the expanded corners of the palace. I then rushed to all of the workers and the rest of the citizens and told them to protect themselves. Once they were all inside, I squeezed in a random edge, and we all waited, terrified, for the final seconds of doom…


​CRASH!!!! A humungous wave burst, and a rider slashed with his sword, almost knocking the whole castle down! We all thumped to the floor, badly hit by the destructing attack. While we clumsily rose, a few of the inhabitants stayed there, broken into pieces and sucked up by the deadly water, saying farewell…

The blankets seemed to be a big help, absorbing in most of the water, but there was a BIG problem… they were falling off, taking parts of the palace with them! The survivors all stared into the sea, knowing this wasn’t the end of the attack. A few were shedding tears, and others were fainting, but most had hope. Somewhere inside, they hoped that the castle would remain standing, and that they would survive. Another slash came from the rider’s blade, leaving only the queen and me standing. Seeing that the castle still wasn’t washed away, the sea finally retreated.


I can’t believe it! The queen started cheering.

“I can’t believe it! We managed to survive! ”

Then she realized that everyone else was washed away,

and let out a shuddering sigh. A few tears dribbled down her cheek. This was her favorite castle in all of her Sand Kingdom. Now, seeing it destroyed was devastating for her. I smiled at her, and I put my arm around her, comforting her gently.

“Don’t worry, we will reconstruct it!” I sighed,

“No matter how nice the new design will be, it will never be the same! This castle will remain in the sandy history for it’s brave resistance against the mighty sea army!” the queen replied sadly.

“And, you got saved,” I added, “That’s all that matters to everyone in the Sand Kingdom, Your Maje-“




“Who’s a good doggy?” a girl called, “You are! Okay now, give me the ball!”

But there wasn’t only the dog, and the girl. There was my mom too, staring and shouting at me while clutching the dripping towels in her hands.


And that is what woke me up from my daydream, ending my fascinating sandcastle adventure…




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