A Chic Greek Week by Maggie Daly

Is it time to vacation by yourself, or with your family? Well, today is your lucky day! Recommendation alert: come visit Greece!Look, I bet you’re skeptical. In fact, I know you’re skeptical. I bet you’re thinking…why would I visit Greece? Why don’t I visit somewhere famous for fantastic vacations: Hawaii? California? The Bahamas..I’ll tell you why! Read on and trust me, I’ll see you on the next flight out!
Let’s get down to business! Why Greece, you ask? For one: the scenery. Of course, Greece is known for being really hot! What do you picture? A dried wasteland perhaps? Well, you’re wrong! In fact, Greece has some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet! Go out to the countryside, drive to the beach. Through the fields, admire lush, sloping hills, snowy mountains, wildflowers, and acres of olive trees, just waiting to be stripped of their small delicious treats. Enjoy a day at a rocky beach; take a dip in a deep green sea, the fresh air blowing on your face, sand and smooth pebbles burying your feet. Rent a house in a village near the seaside…a picturesque landscape, seeming to be made just for you. Listen to the cicadas’ melody, and watch beautiful butterflies and snowy white seagulls skim the surface of the sea; watch the ripples slowly disappear into oblivion. Just, 

Not much of a scenery person? Well, we got something else for you! Can you guess? …It’s food! Yum! ☺

Anyways, here’s the thing; go anywhere, anytime—there’s always a place that has your name on it! Find a café in the middle of a city, or maybe take a trip to the seaside and order at the traditional taverna. And watch as they heap your plates…

First, you’ll probably start will thickly sliced bread dipped in freshly pressed olive oil, with a soda, or a small glass of wine. Then, dig into a fresh Greek salad; arugula, olives, tomatoes, and a light dressing. Next, enjoy some appetizers, or side dishes such as crispy French fries, tzatziki and bread, fried zucchini, or golden saganaki (fried cheese). After that, bite into a juicy lamb or pork chop, bifteki (Greek style burger), etc. Maybe you’d also like to go a more classic route with souvlaki, kalamari, or loukaniko, Greece’s sausage.

And lastly, desserts! Order little ice cream cones with chocolate sauce, banana-chocolate crepes, classic walnut cake, or halva pudding.
Convinced you should come? Well, boy, are you stubborn! One more reason: OK, fine, it’s simple: everyday life. It doesn’t matter where you are in Greece… out in the countryside, a tiny village, busy city… hospitality and kindness is always offered. It seems that there is always a hospitable place or person to make you feel welcome and appreciated. 

OK, I guess I’m not quite finished. What about kids? Children? Where could they go? 

Honestly, there are many options; Adventure parks, Rock-Climbing facilities, playgrounds, entertainment performances, theater. There’s even education. There are literally tons of possibilities, from museums to archaeological displays on site. 
In conclusion—Greece is basically the Bomb.com; it’s the place to be. Whether you want hospitality, fun, education, good food, or picturesque beach resorts, you’ve got them right over here in Greece… just waiting or you! So get on the next flight out… and you’ll never want to leave.

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