Remember Miss Buzza?


Share your favorite lesson with Ms Buzza in a comment. 

Ms Buzza, if you are reading this, send us your news! I heard you got a job teaching third grade in Winnepeg next year. Congratulations!

7 thoughts on “Remember Miss Buzza?

  1. Hi Grade 5’s, or should I say Grade 6’s!

    I miss you all so much! How was the Agora and graduation?

    I found out that I will be teaching Grade 3 next year! Do you remember any fun things you did in third grade?

    I hope that your summers are off to a great start!

    Ms. Buzza

  2. Dear Ms. Buzza,
    Congratulations for your new job. I think you are going to do great. We all are supporting you.
    Congratulations again.
    P.S send us pictures and comments!!!!
    Francesca πŸ˜€

  3. Dear Ms. Buzza,
    Something fun I did and loved during third grade was having a contest of who read the most books and then had a “shaving beard” party for MR. (man). Well you are a MS.( women) so I would recommend you to do a reading contest and have a pizza party, or something else.
    Another idea can be, someone reads a book and then the share to the class and describe it, afterwards the judges (class) decide if the reader is guilty or innocent. The goal of this game is to be guilty, so that means the person wins and (gets put in jail with their book), with a picture.
    Anyway, I hope these ideas I gave you helped you. Talk to you soon. Keep in touch!!!
    One of your favorite students that YOU helped grow up,
    Francesca πŸ˜€
    P.S The middle school students miss you( us).

  4. Dear Mrs. Buzza,
    Congratulations! I can already predict that your students will love you, and that they will be very excited to learn! I can say that by your special way teaching us grammar, guiding us through spelling bees, and even that you enthusiastically played with us at recess or, last but not least, told us funny stories!
    In third grade, like Francesca said, we had a reading contest, but we also played a game that our teacher showed us, called the corner game! We loved to play it in recess, but we were also allowed to play it in class if we were rigorous students! In the game,the students were given an opportunity to shuffle around the classroom, while our teacher tuned to the board and counted up to 7, each round continuing with a smaller number. By the time she stopped counting, she would turn around, and everyone had to be in a corner of the class. Anyone who didn’t would have to sit down and watch!
    We all miss you, and we hope that we can keep in touch by email, or by posting!
    Wishing you all the best!
    One of your most loving students,
    Anna B.

  5. Thank you Anna and Francesca for the great ideas! They sound like a lot of fun, and I will make sure to try them out next year! πŸ™‚

    I miss you all very much! Feel free to email whenever you’d like!

    Ms. Buzza

  6. Dear Ms. Buzza,
    We all miss you SO much, and congratulate you on your new job!
    I know that all your future students will absolutely ADORE you! πŸ˜€ (Speaking as someone who has confirmed your awesomeness).
    Anyways, about Grade 3 ideas; I know Grade 3 was one of my favorite grades, and I remember one of our class’ favorite games, that was fun for everyone, and helped you remember and memorize spelling words! It’s called Sparkle…

    1) Everyone in the class sits on their desks, or stands up in a big circle. (The teacher is off to the side with the spelling words sheet)
    2) You pick a direction to take turns in, left or right
    3) The teacher reads out a spelling word and…
    -The first student says the first letter of that word
    -The second student says the second letter of the word, etc.
    *If someone gets it wrong, they sit down, and are out*
    -When you finish the word, the next person says, “SPARKLE!” and the person after that sits down, and are out.
    -The teacher reads out the next word, etc. and you keep taking turns in a row.

    This game is really enjoyable, and also helps give pupils a little extra practice, and helps them to remember the words better! πŸ˜€ It’s fun to play on rainy days and to learn at the same time.
    *Also, have you ever heard of the game BananaGrams? It’s like Scrabble! (You can look it up if you’re interested, and your students can play it in groups)*

    We miss you, Miss Buzza! Keep in touch!
    ~Maggie πŸ˜€

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