Sparta Rules! by Anna B.

Join us!  We, the Spartans, protect you with our lives! Our city-state is the best of all! We are the real democracy! We don’t only have two kings who rule wisely together with our honorable senate, but we all have a say when it comes to keeping our city safe. Our strict but fair laws are meant for everyone! No exceptions! Additionally, Sparta offers the best education along with the awesomeness of keeping everyone muscular!

In Sparta, you’re equal, no matter what you are. Man or woman? We don’t care, as long as you stay healthy! That’s why boys and girls are trained physically and held fit. We want strong citizens. In our city, we don’t argue or care about looks. Luxury makes people weak and greedy and doesn’t mean anything to us. Money is useless and no one really cares about it. You don’t have to be rich to go to school or to be accepted in our society, like it is the case with those pitiful Athenians who really think that they only live to have fun. No way, you need to know when it’s time to have fun to appreciate it! And believe it or not, we are crazy about singing and dancing.  Would you like to guess which city-state has the best athletes? That would be us!

Our biggest goal is to be a soldier who never gives up. We’d rather die instead of retreating. Everybody feels like that. We, the Spartans, don’t leave strong girls that could turn into strong soldiers outside the gates! And they are the ones that will bear strong soldiers who won’t fear anything.

It’s simply not true that we are crazy about war; we just want a strong army that can protect us from any enemy. Our supernatural army could have taken over any city-state, but we let them live out of pure kindness. Our slaves also know that we are superior and are serving us with admiration. They don’t even bother revolting since they know how strong our army is.

Athenians claim that they are treating their slaves better then us. In Athens, women are treated like slaves! They are forced to stay at home and are not allowed to leave without being accompanied by a man. Here, life is so much more interesting for a woman! Women can train for the army and can excel at sports in the fresh air! They aren’t useless, because they are treated fairly here!

Athenians claim that we throw out our visitors. WHAT?? We are the most welcoming city-state in Greece! Visit us as a friend and have a fantastic time! So, give me an S! Give me a P! Give and an A! An R! A T! An A! What does that spell?? SPARTA!!




1 thought on “Sparta Rules! by Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna B,
    I was really intrigued by your essay on Sparta! It was a great piece of writing! Each subject that you brought up was supported by very clear and concise evidence. I think the chant at the end is very cool!
    Your friend,

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