Athenians vs Spartans by Ancient Margarita 

Join us,the Athenians! The best thing about the Athenians is that you are allowed to announce your opinion without people telling you,”Why are you standing up and saying your opinion, this is an outrage! Get out of town and get lost!”.

See what I mean?! 

  Leave those old rusty Spartans, they’re not worth it! They won’t even let a man say his opinion, if you did you would get punished! Also,if you want to be smart, who would you choose? I think it’s obvious, the Athenians because Spartans don’t even look at a writer or a book, they hate both! So I’m sure we can agree on this for sure.

  Why are they even so harsh on their visitors, I mean throwing your visitors out of town?! We Athenians NEVER, EVER, EVER throw our visitors out of town.We welcome them with courage and with joy!
   You should join the Athenians and enjoy life. We will welcome you! We might have lots of forms of government but all that matters is that you will enjoy every day of  your life with the Athenians!


1 thought on “    Athenians vs Spartans by Ancient Margarita 

  1. Dear Margarita,
    I have to admit that your persuasive essay is very well written, and that you really believe what you write! 😀 Allow me, though, to disagree with your opinion about the Spartans. First of all, we have our own kind of democracy in our city-state, since the two kings and the senate listen to our assembly’s opinion about laws. Second of all,we LOVE books and writers, but we don’t neglect our duties. What’s wrong with that?? Third of all, we NEVER throw out our visitors, when they come as friends, not as Athenian spies! Fourth of all, you are NOT smarter than us! You know very well that Spartans are very brave and intelligent soldiers. Connecting to that, we are not crazy about war, but when it comes to fighting, no one can beat our warfare intelligence! So, there is still PLENTY of time to change your opinion and join the Spartans! 😛
    Your enemy/friend,
    Anna B.

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