Amazing Acrobats! By Mrs Kynigou

Six of our very own 5th grade girls wowed the Elementary School last week with their wonderful display of acrobatics. What, I wonder, is the story behind this performance? Would any of the performers like to tell us more about how this whole project developed and how did it feel to be up there on the stage in front of everyone? We’d also love to hear reactions from the audience!

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Add your comments to the thread…

7 thoughts on “Amazing Acrobats! By Mrs Kynigou

  1. Dear girls,,
    I was amazed by your flexbility.I think you you were amazing up on stage.
    My favorite one was when you did the flip and landed on doing the bridge.
    I thought it was incredibly nice.

    You friend,

  2. Dear classmates,
    Here’s the story behind the gymnastics lessons and the performance at the assembly. It all started when the 3 friends, Kaitlyn, Claire, and Penny wanted to share their talent and help other people with their gymnastics. After peoples’ progress, Kaitlyn, Claire, and Penny decided to make a routine and wanted for us (students) and them (teachers) to perform it at the assembly. After showing the routine to Ms.Carlson and Ms.Kathy, they gave us the permission to perform. After lots of practice, we performed. Before we went out on stage, we were nervous, but once we heard the music we relaxed. We were glad that the hard work paid off, and at the end everyone liked it. Thank you to the teachers for teaching us so many things!
    -Ann Marie

  3. I’m one of the gymnasts who performed as well. I was very proud of myself, and all the other girls. I thought we did a great job! I was very nervous, especially because we were performing on a HARD stage! It was really scary! But once the music turned on no one thought of their worries and we all just did it! good job!

  4. Dear fellow gymnasts,
    You were amazing, and that is that! Even though I was not part of it, I kept praying that everything would go well, and it did! I’m very proud of all of you, and I still enjoy practicing every day, because it’s a lot of fun! Great job, girls!
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

  5. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    That is awesome!!!The old fifth graders were so active!!! They put so much effort. I hope one day I do that too!!!

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