How Tornadoes were Formed by Anna B.

Once upon a time, Eos, the beautiful mother of the four winds, went down to earth, and fell in love with a handsome young king named Tornos. She didn’t know though what he had done. Because he was a brave and athletic young man, he wanted to impress her, and challenged Zeus for a contest of javelin throwing.
Zeus accepted, laughing loudly at him. Once Eos figured it out, she was very frightened, because she was sure that Tornos would be no match for Zeus, who was very skilled at throwing thunderbolts. They decided that if the king won, he would be granted the marriage of Eos and the gift of immortality and everlasting youth; but if Zeus won, he would be sent to Hades and would be punished severely in the Underworld. Of course, Zeus was very sure of himself and coaxed Tornos even more to participate
Eos, who was very anxious about the contest, quickly called her sons Boreas, the cold north wind and Notus, the humid south wind to form a storm that was unbeatable even by the gods: a whirlwind. Both winds gave their best and created a severe and distractive whirlwind that lasted three days and destroyed everything around it. This storm canceled the contest and Eos demanded that it would carry Tornos back to earth so that he could marry a mortal. She decided to name this sort of storm after the handsome king, so it was lastly called a tornado.
Ever since, when Eos wants to cancel a clash between gods and mortals, she calls her sons to create a tornado so the fight will be forgotten.


1) I am the handsome king that Eos fell in love with. I challenged Zeus to a contest of javelin throw for her hand. The tornado was named after me. I am _____________________.
2) I am the beautiful mother of the four winds. I often fall in love with handsome young mortals.
I am _________________.
3) I accepted the very easy challenge of that moron
(whoever he was) who thought he could beat me in
any contest.
I am ______________.
4) We are the two winds who were called by our mother
to create the tornado, so the contest would be canceled.
We are _____________ and _____________.

3 thoughts on “How Tornadoes were Formed by Anna B.

  1. Dear Anna B.,
    I loved your myth! It sounded like one that would be in our textbook!
    Here are my answers to the quiz:
    1) Tornos
    2) Eos
    3) Zeus
    4) Boreas and Notus

    1. Dear Cinderella,
      Thank you for your warm comment and congrats for the answers.
      Anna B.
      P.S. Can you give me a hint of who you are? 😛

  2. Dear Anna,
    I loved your story/myth it is pretty good.Here are the answers to the quiz
    4)Notus and Boreas

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