Cooking is perfect for you! by Nigiri2004

Chef at work
You wake up in the morning; you eat some cookies and drink some instant hot chocolate. What’s for lunch? Canned chicken soup, huh? Dinner? Canned beans with wraps you bought yesterday and hope that they’re still good to eat. Hmm… have you ever thought of cooking? It’s not only a healthy hobby, but an enjoyable one too!
First of all, when you cook, you always know what’s inside it. Have you ever looked at the back of a canned food container? Yikes. That’s where my point stands out to. When you cook, you are the creator of the dish. You choose the ingredients, you mix them, according to a recipe, or you can experiment and create your own delicious masterpieces. The fresher the vegetables and the more qualitative the ingredients, the better the result will be. Cooking teaches you to apply the food pyramid in your dishes and create healthy, and believe it or not, tasty food! You have magic powers of making things delicious, my friend. Just use them and you’ll uncover secret recipes that have never been discovered before!
Everyone can cook! Start with a simple dish. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and restrict the amount of ingredients you will use. Prefer flavors that you like and slowly, depending on the time you have, add each time new ones. If you love mushrooms, for example, a freshly made mushroom soup with super fresh mushrooms is a good start! After you’ve mastered it, and you’ve become the ruler of mushrooms, (muahaha), try a more complex dish with new flavors.
Cooking is especially relaxing, when you invite friends as helpers and/or tasters. There is no better teamwork than that! You share not only knowledge and work, but you reward yourselves by sharing a delicious meal with each other.
Cooking is not only fun, but can be serious business too. It teaches you to keep yourself safe. You have to be careful not to burn your hands or chop off your fingers while cooking. You learn to be perseverant while trying to cook a tasty meal. The first tries might be disappointing, but don’t dare to stop, because the next time you’ll make it! Cooking teaches you to be meticulous when it comes to measuring. Speaking of measuring, you can apply math without knowing! It really makes a difference if you use 2.0 liters instead of 0.2 liters of milk!
Cooking is one of the best hobbies you can have. With some talent included, and a lot of interest, you can change your life, allowing healthy food to contribute to your daily health and at the same time has lots of fun! So jump out of your boring, daily taste, and start cooking!

3 thoughts on “Cooking is perfect for you! by Nigiri2004

  1. Dear Anna B,
    I think your essay on cooking was a great idea! I like cooking myself, and I think this is a great way to get others to cook too. I agree with the cans of food, YIKES!
    Your friend,

    1. Dear Nigiri2004,
      I loved your essay! And now I really want to cook like you! I think you did a great job of A- persuading people, B- making it interesting and C- making it really funny!
      Whatever you were mixing in that pot looks really good! And next time, maybe, could I be the taster?
      -Cinderella (#9)

  2. Dear Nigiri2004,
    I think you are essay was very creative. I love cooking myself! You did everything perfect with writing and the cooking!
    Snow White #6

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