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Sparta Rules! by Anna B.

Join us!  We, the Spartans, protect you with our lives! Our city-state is the best of all! We are the real democracy! We don’t only have two kings who rule wisely together with our honorable senate, but we all have a say when it comes to keeping our city safe. Our strict but fair laws are meant for everyone! No exceptions! Additionally, Sparta offers the best education along with the awesomeness of keeping everyone muscular!

In Sparta, you’re equal, no matter what you are. Man or woman? We don’t care, as long as you stay healthy! That’s why boys and girls are trained physically and held fit. We want strong citizens. In our city, we don’t argue or care about looks. Luxury makes people weak and greedy and doesn’t mean anything to us. Money is useless and no one really cares about it. You don’t have to be rich to go to school or to be accepted in our society, like it is the case with those pitiful Athenians who really think that they only live to have fun. No way, you need to know when it’s time to have fun to appreciate it! And believe it or not, we are crazy about singing and dancing.  Would you like to guess which city-state has the best athletes? That would be us!

Our biggest goal is to be a soldier who never gives up. We’d rather die instead of retreating. Everybody feels like that. We, the Spartans, don’t leave strong girls that could turn into strong soldiers outside the gates! And they are the ones that will bear strong soldiers who won’t fear anything.

It’s simply not true that we are crazy about war; we just want a strong army that can protect us from any enemy. Our supernatural army could have taken over any city-state, but we let them live out of pure kindness. Our slaves also know that we are superior and are serving us with admiration. They don’t even bother revolting since they know how strong our army is.

Athenians claim that they are treating their slaves better then us. In Athens, women are treated like slaves! They are forced to stay at home and are not allowed to leave without being accompanied by a man. Here, life is so much more interesting for a woman! Women can train for the army and can excel at sports in the fresh air! They aren’t useless, because they are treated fairly here!

Athenians claim that we throw out our visitors. WHAT?? We are the most welcoming city-state in Greece! Visit us as a friend and have a fantastic time! So, give me an S! Give me a P! Give and an A! An R! A T! An A! What does that spell?? SPARTA!!




    Athenians vs Spartans by Ancient Margarita 

Join us,the Athenians! The best thing about the Athenians is that you are allowed to announce your opinion without people telling you,”Why are you standing up and saying your opinion, this is an outrage! Get out of town and get lost!”.

See what I mean?! 

  Leave those old rusty Spartans, they’re not worth it! They won’t even let a man say his opinion, if you did you would get punished! Also,if you want to be smart, who would you choose? I think it’s obvious, the Athenians because Spartans don’t even look at a writer or a book, they hate both! So I’m sure we can agree on this for sure.

  Why are they even so harsh on their visitors, I mean throwing your visitors out of town?! We Athenians NEVER, EVER, EVER throw our visitors out of town.We welcome them with courage and with joy!
   You should join the Athenians and enjoy life. We will welcome you! We might have lots of forms of government but all that matters is that you will enjoy every day of  your life with the Athenians!


Amazing Acrobats! By Mrs Kynigou

Six of our very own 5th grade girls wowed the Elementary School last week with their wonderful display of acrobatics. What, I wonder, is the story behind this performance? Would any of the performers like to tell us more about how this whole project developed and how did it feel to be up there on the stage in front of everyone? We’d also love to hear reactions from the audience!

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Add your comments to the thread…

How Tornadoes were Formed by Anna B.

Once upon a time, Eos, the beautiful mother of the four winds, went down to earth, and fell in love with a handsome young king named Tornos. She didn’t know though what he had done. Because he was a brave and athletic young man, he wanted to impress her, and challenged Zeus for a contest of javelin throwing.
Zeus accepted, laughing loudly at him. Once Eos figured it out, she was very frightened, because she was sure that Tornos would be no match for Zeus, who was very skilled at throwing thunderbolts. They decided that if the king won, he would be granted the marriage of Eos and the gift of immortality and everlasting youth; but if Zeus won, he would be sent to Hades and would be punished severely in the Underworld. Of course, Zeus was very sure of himself and coaxed Tornos even more to participate
Eos, who was very anxious about the contest, quickly called her sons Boreas, the cold north wind and Notus, the humid south wind to form a storm that was unbeatable even by the gods: a whirlwind. Both winds gave their best and created a severe and distractive whirlwind that lasted three days and destroyed everything around it. This storm canceled the contest and Eos demanded that it would carry Tornos back to earth so that he could marry a mortal. She decided to name this sort of storm after the handsome king, so it was lastly called a tornado.
Ever since, when Eos wants to cancel a clash between gods and mortals, she calls her sons to create a tornado so the fight will be forgotten.


1) I am the handsome king that Eos fell in love with. I challenged Zeus to a contest of javelin throw for her hand. The tornado was named after me. I am _____________________.
2) I am the beautiful mother of the four winds. I often fall in love with handsome young mortals.
I am _________________.
3) I accepted the very easy challenge of that moron
(whoever he was) who thought he could beat me in
any contest.
I am ______________.
4) We are the two winds who were called by our mother
to create the tornado, so the contest would be canceled.
We are _____________ and _____________.

Cooking is perfect for you! by Nigiri2004

Chef at work
You wake up in the morning; you eat some cookies and drink some instant hot chocolate. What’s for lunch? Canned chicken soup, huh? Dinner? Canned beans with wraps you bought yesterday and hope that they’re still good to eat. Hmm… have you ever thought of cooking? It’s not only a healthy hobby, but an enjoyable one too!
First of all, when you cook, you always know what’s inside it. Have you ever looked at the back of a canned food container? Yikes. That’s where my point stands out to. When you cook, you are the creator of the dish. You choose the ingredients, you mix them, according to a recipe, or you can experiment and create your own delicious masterpieces. The fresher the vegetables and the more qualitative the ingredients, the better the result will be. Cooking teaches you to apply the food pyramid in your dishes and create healthy, and believe it or not, tasty food! You have magic powers of making things delicious, my friend. Just use them and you’ll uncover secret recipes that have never been discovered before!
Everyone can cook! Start with a simple dish. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and restrict the amount of ingredients you will use. Prefer flavors that you like and slowly, depending on the time you have, add each time new ones. If you love mushrooms, for example, a freshly made mushroom soup with super fresh mushrooms is a good start! After you’ve mastered it, and you’ve become the ruler of mushrooms, (muahaha), try a more complex dish with new flavors.
Cooking is especially relaxing, when you invite friends as helpers and/or tasters. There is no better teamwork than that! You share not only knowledge and work, but you reward yourselves by sharing a delicious meal with each other.
Cooking is not only fun, but can be serious business too. It teaches you to keep yourself safe. You have to be careful not to burn your hands or chop off your fingers while cooking. You learn to be perseverant while trying to cook a tasty meal. The first tries might be disappointing, but don’t dare to stop, because the next time you’ll make it! Cooking teaches you to be meticulous when it comes to measuring. Speaking of measuring, you can apply math without knowing! It really makes a difference if you use 2.0 liters instead of 0.2 liters of milk!
Cooking is one of the best hobbies you can have. With some talent included, and a lot of interest, you can change your life, allowing healthy food to contribute to your daily health and at the same time has lots of fun! So jump out of your boring, daily taste, and start cooking!