Travel back in Time! by Mrs Kynigou’s class

Meet the characters of Colonial America!

Choose a region below and follow the links to watch our animated Voki characters as they tell you about their daily lives in Colonial Times. All soliloquies were crafted by student authors from information they researched during Library and Computer class!

Please note these links work on desktop computers only!

New England colonies:

Learn about the daily life of William Martin, the merchant (AnnMarie); Charlotte Smith, busy mother ( Kaitlyn); Mary Archer, colonial child (Steleeza); and the wonderfully articulate Phoebe Smith (Anna B), who let’s us glimpse what life must have been like for a slave in those days.

Learn about the various trades of colonial times by meeting the baker, Cornelia Tanner,(Claire); the brick maker, Hercules Archer (Isak); the gunsmith, Simon Smith (Laura); the silversmith, Gideon E. Williams (Thanasis); and the shoemaker, Clement Smith (Yasmin).

Middle Colonies:

Meet the famous Betsy Ross (Anna K);  John Smith, the wheelwright  (John), another John Smith, apprentice (Khush); and Ebeneezer Miller, the miller (Margarita).

Southern colonies:

Robert Josah, manor owner, (Maggie) introduces us to the rich lifestyle of plantation owners in the South. Ed Jefferson, the cooper (Nikos) shares his secret wish to free slaves. We meet the wig maker, William Edward Smith (Eugenie); Bradford Jefferson, the blacksmith (Thisseas); Charles Tanner, the tanner (Francesca) and last but not least, the young George Washington, future president (Chrysonoe).

Hope you enjoy our Voki presentations!

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