Think about Zoos by Steleeza

Have you ever thought how animals in zoos feel? How sad they are by being forced to do tricks for you to be happy? How scared little animals are when thinking they are rescued, they are actually taken from their homes for no reason? Well, if you read this you will!

In zoos, you go to see cute, colorful animals, and you think they are happy, right? Well, many animals if it was it would be called something like “Animal Care” of “S.A.H.D.E.Z.(saving animals from home destruction and family losses)”, not a zoo! It’s not fair that animals don’t have rights. It’s not right, just because they are defenseless you should trap, and torture them in a way!

Of course, some are there for special treatment. Once for example, I saw a hyena that was lacking a leg and an ear. A few baby animals are there because of its home has been destroyed, or because of being separated form its family. Some animals are in cages alone, because they take special medicines but the places where such animals are kept are specially designed for them. Some hurt animals are allowed to be with their families you know, for some company.

You could tell me, “Well, yeah, but how do you know all these things?” I can answer that. You probably have been to the Attica Zoo and you have seen all animals (except for some bunnies) are happy. Well, in other zoos, it is not the same thing! Some animals nibble on cage bars, or try to scare away people. It’s also not good to tap on the tanks with snakes and fish in them because they get frustrated.

If you want to help those animals, you could go to a wildlife museum or a National Park; you could go hiking, or go to a forest. You could think a museum is boring and a forest trip is dangerous. Well, just try not to get too close to wild animals and they won’t hurt you! You can’t really do anything for the animals in zoos, but you can do something for the ones that are out, in their natural environment.

Hope you can help them!

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