Having Laptops for School Subjects by Francesca

Dear School Boards,

Don’t you get angry when all the kids at school complain that their hands hurt? Imagine if the school subjects such as writing, language arts, reading all involved computers or laptops and the rest were handwritten like the subject physical education etc. With this picture in your mind it is really important for the students here at the 5thgrade until high school.

   I believe that if we use laptops for our class workin almost all subjects in school the children will love learning. If we have laptops we don’t have to spend money on ink, pencils, and paper. Therefore, we could just open a tab for paper and type with the typewriter.

   Another reason of having laptops for school is that we can learn how to be safe on the internet. Being able to understand the internet and how it works is a big step in the children’s life. We could show the adults and other people such as principals, teachers etc. that we are able to search and write on the laptops.

    During the last century almost everything that is not living is made up of technology, so why can’t we have some electrical device on our desk?

    As I said, we are going to save ink, paper, pencils and money, for having laptops. The only thing we have to do is inform the parents, students and teachers and see if they agree with my idea. If they agree with my idea, we just have to find the money with the help of a bake sale, or other fundraising ideas.

I hope you agree with my idea and I haveconvinced you!

                                                 Thank you,                                                                                                        

2 thoughts on “Having Laptops for School Subjects by Francesca

  1. Dear Franch Ranch,
    I agree with your idea, and you have convinced me. When I read this I was like ‘hmm… aren’t we going to waist ink?’ (after reading Kaitlyn’s essay), but then you explained about the ink and you convinced me even more. Very convincing! Great job!
    Your friend,

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