Stop Pet Shops and Pet City!!! By Chrysonoe

  You know Pet Shops, and Pet City, right? You know what they sell:animals, living things, and you go buy them! That’s just wrong. Would you like to be in a cage, or at the street alone? No food, just a can, and water from mud!

Even if you love them, so of you, buying them is not the solution. Because if you buy more animals to rescue them, more animals will be capured. Think about it, a hiant person, or hing, standing on top of you, really scary. Some kids dont even respect animals!

Not only that, but we destroy their land, it’s ours also, but we can’t destroy it, it’s their too! People destroy forest for money, and some fancy homes that they go visit one time out of twenty years.

There’s a park in America, in the sea! They can build their homes there, or destroy other homes that are not uesd, and build their homes.

But the worst thing is that we take animals, with no power over them, treating them like slaves, or a school pet, and sell them! That’s so, so wrong. People like you don’t care! Why I’am i telling you this?

There is no space for the birds, for example, here in the middle of Attiki ( a raod with cars) with so much noise, is a bird living there! It’s just so sad.

They never took you as slaves, or hunt you! You probably are on the couch, drinking hot chocolate with the T.V. on, and don’t mind what I’am saying, and a cat over there is trying to find food for it to eat!

Money is paper, how important is it? It’s NOT! Why are you treating animals so bad? They never hurt you. You even go and see people hitting animals at the circus, or go get a picture with a drugged tiger.

Animals give you meat, milk, clothes, and hundreds more things, and you site and force to get in cages without them we wouldn’t exist. Please help them, dont buy them.

You could really help, if you care! If even afew families help stop this slavery, you would mabye not change the whole world, but you would change the world of that one animal!!!


2 thoughts on “Stop Pet Shops and Pet City!!! By Chrysonoe

  1. Dear Chrysonoe,
    I wholly support your try to stop trade of animals!
    They do have rights like humans.
    Your D

  2. Dear Chrysonoe,
    I liked your essay and the idea of stopping the selling of animals. I feel like this is like in colonial america, where you go to an auction to buy a slave, and I bet if that slave (animal) is not a cat or dog it would feel like a slave. I agree with you and your concern, but I kind of find it weird that you have a lot of pets and you are trying to convince us to not buy pets. I am not saying for you not to have pets (you can do whatever you want) it’s just I found it interesting.
    Anyways, I totally agree! Good job:-)
    -Ann Marie

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