Stand up to Bullies by Khush



Visualize yourself being bullied. How would you feel? You would feel terrible! But don’t stand there miserable! Stand up to the bully! If the bully hurts you it’s because the bully is showing their anger. If they doing it for fun, its because they think they are cool. So as I said ,stand up to the bully and tell the teacher that the bully is hurting you. Tell the bully that they bully people, they won’t gain repspect and no one will believe you. Tell them they won’t have fun, loving friends like everybody in the world.  

Ask the bully what’s the point of bullying? Is it because you want to show that you are cool and you can do anything want?  Well,no! It’s your anger that makes you do this cruel stuff to people.  Ask the bully how they feel if they were bullied?  But if the bully says, “I would feel cool”, tell them that you wouldn’t if you were bullied for real. Try to make the bully guilty because if you do the bully will realize  their mistake but if he or she doesn’t then he or she will need therapy.  Try to convince a bully that they may turn in to bad people doing bad stuff like stealing, being drunk, hunting animals, etc.  If you encourage them to do nice stuff then you can change the whole world.  So try to make them feel guilty about the bad things they are doing.  Don’t say to the bully, “ I am not scared of you”, because he will do something that will make you scared!  Instead tell the bully. “ You need therapy”, and try to show them that people will mistreat them and harm them.  Last try to show them a video of bullying so they can realize their mistakes.

PS: Khush’s best friends are pretending for this picture. It’s not real!

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