Share or be Sad by Thisseas

  Why should you keep something to yourself? Why not share? Other people want things you have. Some are rich and don’t share anything. Some are poor and share everything they have with others .Have you ever thought what will happen if everybody shared? 

Now that nobody shares, people are having wars all the time. First, in ancient times Greeks, Trojans, Persians, Egyptians and several other tribes fought over land. Several people like Alexander the Great went and conquered all the land close to their home. Rome was similar. Then the Turks came and got everything. Later the British went to the New World, and fought for it with the Americans for power. Now many politicians fight for money and power. If everybody shared, everybody would have power. In older times people fought for food too.

If we shared, nobody would be poor, nobody would be a rich either. You would always work a lot but not get paid. You want to work for your communities good. You would do any job you wanted. You would have to do work even if you don’t want but it will help your community. You would help build everything in the community and you would live in houses with other people. Food? No problem. Somebody could have farms. Because nobody would be rich, nobody could buy someone else’s things.

Everybody can be happy if you share. You could have all the toys or money in the world. Everybody would have the same. You would be safe from everything, you would share hospitals and other things that give you safety. You would be safe. Nobody would do a crime. Why would they, if they had everything in the world. If nobody shared, wars would happen over money, food and power. If we shared more, nobody would starve or be cold. We would all have food and shelter. Everybody would be healthy and safe, protected and happy. So share, or be sad, your choice. Listen to my advice or you will have an awful future.


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