My Spring Break at Hungary by Emilia

I was waiting for Easter since February. I knew that I was going to my dad at Hungary. Finally that day arrived! Before I left, my mom said: “I will miss you”, and then I got on the airplane, alone.

Nothing really exciting happened on the airplane. I was the last one to get out. We picked up my luggage and went to find my dad. When he saw me he hugged me. I looked at him to find out if something changed on him, but I think he had his hair shorter.

We went to many places but my favorite was when we went to a maze! My dad and I went in but when we found the emergency exit we went out… After, I told my dad, that I wanted us to go in again and whoever gets out from the normal exit wins. We had 8 minutes. We went in and counted to 3 then we started running to different directions. I went the right direction. After a while I was almost at the exit. I yelled to my dad to see if he was still in there and didn’t cheat. He told me that he got totally lost, but I didn’t want to help him because he would trick me and win. One minute later I got out first, he was almost there but he got lost again. I went back in so I could help him. Then we both got out.

“I can’t wait until the next time I come to Hungary,” I said at the airport before I left. He told me that his boss said to him that every month he will come to Greece one or two days but he will also see me! Then I went on the airplane. Usually when I leave from my dad I am sad, but because I knew that he was coming I was happy! When I went back to my mom, at Greece, we immediately went to the church.

That was my Easter. I hope next Easter will be as fun as this was.

The Maze Spring Break Hungary

1 thought on “My Spring Break at Hungary by Emilia

  1. Dear Emilia,
    OMG! I would really like to go to Hungary too! I liked your story because you described the fun time you had with your dad. I think that you should’ve wrote a bit more about the ride in the air plane because it would be kind of cool without your parents on the plane, but at the same time a bit scary. I also liked your pictures! Good Job 😀
    Your friend,

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