My Easter Vacation by Itamar

How many times have you been on a flight? One, two, three or more? Well, I have been 8 times. Here is the story of what has happened in the ten days that were in between the 7th and the 8th flights.

On the first day of the vacation we woke-up at 6-o’clock and started the flight at 10-o’clock. We reached the destination: Israel, at 1-o’clock A.M. We went to a restaurant and ate some chips. Then went to a friend’s house and I played with him. It was fun! The next day we went to a city called Jaffa where we met relatives. On Saturday, I met even more relatives and tried meeting my friend again, however I didn’t succeed.

On Sunday, we had to visit an optometrist, to get an eye check up. After that we visited two museums and navigated around the place they were in with the map they gave us.

On Monday we traveled with some relatives around a water stream and afterwards saw a movie with them.

On Tuesday we met my mother’s friends and I played with their kids. Later, I played with some friends until 8-o’clock in the evening.

On Wednesday we had a huge family gathering. After several hours I left to play soccer with some friends. When I was back I was surprised to discover that the meeting wasn’t over yet!

On Thursday, we saw a movie with a friend and on Friday we met my friend and I played with him nearly all day long in things like table soccer and jokes.

On Saturday, I met 2-3 friends and played dodge ball with them and on Sunday I played a lot with a friend.

On Monday we took a flight back. Wow, time passes far too quickly!

Itamar's trip

1 thought on “My Easter Vacation by Itamar

  1. Dear Itamar,

    It is very cool that you’ve been in a plane 8 times! I have also been in a plane 8 times as well! How was it meeting your friends and family? By the way, cute picture of you and your brother!
    Madhawan K.

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