Stinky Boots in the French Alps by Mark

Sorry about the title I just needed to write it. It’s probably the biggest funny event of my ski vacation. Firstly on Friday night we arrived at the Chalet Les Rhododendron in the village of Les Brevieres, Tignes, France. It took a while to get there, but it was worth the 7 days of skiing. Before we got to our B&B (bed and breakfast) we crossed the border from Geneva, Switzerland to France. I thought there would be more security at the border, but there wasn’t much.
The van we took dropped us of about 15 meters from the chalet.

Saturday morning was when we went to rent out our ski equipment from Inter-sport.
When we got everything set up I was on the slopes in no time. It was really foggy
you could hardly see the trail pole markings. For dinner we had pizza from the
best pizzeria we have discovered in France. For dessert we got ice cream.
I got raspberry and my brother got chocolate.

On Sunday morning I learned my lesson. On Saturday I forgot to put sunscreen on and I got sunburned all over. When my family and I went on the gondola we got news that a
chairlift was closed because of heavy winds. Dinner was exciting we ordered beef
that was served raw and we would cook it ourselves on a stone platter.

During Monday morning I skied with the owners of the chalet, Hubert and Veronique.
After two hours we went our own directions because Veronique and Hubert had work to
do, so they went back to the chalet. Since my family and I were enjoying skiing so
much we lost track of time and got on the last chairlift up to our arrival.

On Tuesday morning my brothers stinky ski boots kicked in and the whole living room smelt like socks not washed for 40 days. It is seriously stank worse than all the French cheeses I’ve tried. My dad said that the fetid smell would go away, but I was not so sure about that. When we got to the slopes the sun came out and everything was great. That night we had a French and Swiss delicacy called raclette. It was good with a rich taste.
Skiing at the French Alps was fun!

French cheese         Ski trip

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