My Trip to Rome by Kristjan

This Spring break I traveled to Rome. I was excited to go there, but first there was the annoying flight.  It was like 2 hours or something. Once we made it, we went to our hotel put our stuff in it and walked to the Colosseum. The Colosseum was a big arena for gladiator fights. We didn’t go inside first because of the long queue (line), we took pictures from the outside of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.  Then we went to the Forum instead  which was right next to the Colosseum.

The Forum was a place where the Ancient Senate was located. There were also lots of different markets in there. In the Forum we saw ruins of ancient Roman temples, some markets and other ruins of buildings which I don’t know what they are. Then we went to eat at a restaurant  – I had a real Italian PIZZA.

The second day we went back to see the Colosseum from the inside. It was COLOSSAL. It was also very broken and in ruins inside. Romans had a lot of gladiator fights there and even small naval battles. Additionally to provide the water to the City, ancient Romas used the aquaducts to fill the Colosseum with water and put ships in it and have a battle.

They would also let people fight wild and dangerous animals there. In Latin and modern Italian name of the Colosseum  is “Amphitheatro Flaviano“ which translstes to Flavian Amphitheater. It is named that because it was built by the Flavian family Emperors. It was started by Emperor Vespian  and finished by his son Emperor Titus.

Finally we walked to the Circus Maximus. There was nearly nothing left of it, just a pillar in a hole. Later we went to the Capitol Hill Museum where we saw the foot, hand and head of the Colossus of Constantine. There was also the statue of the Capitoline Wolf who fed the founders of the Rome – Romulus and Remus.

After that we just walked around and ate some PIZZA and then visited to my mind (in my opinion) the biggest fountain in Rome – The Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately it was out of order and under renovation. The legend says – if you throw a coin into the waters of the fountain, you will return to Rome some day. So we did (but it hit the concrete) and I hope to return to Rome some day and see the fountain in its real beauty.

The next day we went to the Vatican City museum. We saw some old statues and a courtyard with a really cool modern art piece. There was a long hallway with the ceiling painted so well, if you looked at it, it had carvings like statues in 3D, but it was actually painted on a flat surface. It totally fooled me.

Finally we saw the Sistine Chapel. It had some paintings by some of the best artists from the time like Rafael and Michelangelo of the Renaissance. We didn’t see the big church of  St. Peter from the inside though.

On the final day we wanted to go to the church again in Vatican City, but there was a line that would have lasted for a couple hours and church would close early that day. We would have not made it. Instead we just hung out and walked around the old town of the Rome. We ate PIZZA and saw some cool Roman helmets which we didn’t buy because we could not have taken one on the plane.

Eventually we went to the airport, but the flight was around 4 hours late, so that wasn’t fun again. Once we made it back I went to sleep around four o’clock in the morning.

Capitoline Wolf Colosseum at night Colosseum from inside Hallway in Vatican painted 3D St. Peter's Church at night The Trevi Fountain Pacman - Famous Italian food

2 thoughts on “My Trip to Rome by Kristjan

  1. Dear Kristjan,
    I can’t agree more, Rome is a great city to visit, especially during spring. It’s like an open museum. I visited Italy too this Easter break, but I went to Bari where my brother is studying. I had a lot of Pizza too. I bet you tried their delicious ice cream! You made your story interesting by adding a lot of details and explanations. I absolutely agree about your 3D description of the Vatican paintings. I think you should continue writing. Great job!
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

  2. Dear Krisjan,

    I wish I could go to Rome!!!! If I had the chance to go to Rome I would go
    and see these wonderful places you had said in your story!!!!

    Your classmate,

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