Easter in Vienna by Penelope

On spring break I went to Vienna, Austria.  The weather was great the whole time we were in Vienna. On Good Friday we went to Prater Park, an amusement park that has awesome roller coasters. The first one I got on with my dad was called ‘’The Boomerang’’ and it was one of those roller coasters that had several loops that will turn you upside down. Then we took a little break and had something to eat. I tried the Schnitzel and it was very delicious.  After our food digested we continued to get on more roller coasters for the rest of the evening.

The Saturday before Easter we went to the Belvedere museum. It used to be someone’s summerhouse. Inside we saw the famous Klimt painting “The Kiss”. It was very large and there was personal security to guard the painting. Afterwards, we went to Mozart’s house. Mozart is one of the most famous pianists in the whole world. We did an audio tour that informed us about his life. After leaving Mozart’s house we walked around the Stephansdom cathedral, a very old Catholic church

On Easter Sunday morning we went to the Schonbrunn palace where a king and queen used to live. I thought that it is very ridiculous how big of a palace they had because you don’t need that much space. We also toured the gardens, which is the palace’s backyard. On Monday morning we left Vienna and returned to Athens.

Klimt’s painting- “The Kiss”                                                                  Mozart

Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart_1Klimt-The Kiss

1 thought on “Easter in Vienna by Penelope

  1. Dear Penny,
    I really have to agree that Vienna is a very beautiful town and it seems that you had a great time during your Easter break! I wish I could’ve gone with you on the roller coaster, since i am crazy about them! I’ve also visited Mozart’s house and I think they have kept it very authentic. I like that you included many details in your story, and your opinion about the huge palace of Schoenbrunn bears a lot of truth. I can’t wait to read another one of your cool stories!
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

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