Easter at Gythio by Asimina

This Easter I had a great time with my cousins and my family. We visited Gythio and we got to see friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. We also got to go to my grandpa’s village where we climbed a very big and old tree. Gythio is a small city located in Laconia .It’s 43 kilometers south of Sparta. Our house is in Mavrovouni which is right outside Gythio.

First my aunt and my cousins came from Cyprus to Greece. We met our new baby cousin because my aunt just had a baby! We stayed to Athens for two days and then we started our trip. Our trip was long and tiring. However we were all glad when we arrived cause we saw our grandpa and we were all very excited for our long week of no school and work.

At Gythio my aunt and I went shopping and then altogether we went to my friend’s house to play. You won’t believe it but we spent our whole time playing hide and seek ! You might find this game lame but if you play it with many people it’s actually fun!!!! It was fun when we went to my grandpa’s village and we had lots of fun there too ! We ate some really delicious food , we took some really pretty photos and we got to climb on this big, old and giant tree!!!! My dog also got to have a friend because my grandpa’s dog was there and also we got to go to a really good restaurant that had really good food.We had some dance lessons with my aunt .She taught us some Greek traditional dances.

This spring break was one of the best spring breaks I’ve had and I wish I had a spring break like that again.

We went  for a swimMy sister and I climbing a very old tree

Coloring Easter eggs

1 thought on “Easter at Gythio by Asimina

  1. Dear Asimina,
    What a great story you wrote! I also love climbing trees, and yours seems to be quite a big one! I remember climbing a humungous 200 year old tree in Tinos with other 10 children and it was really very fun! I liked how you put a lot of details in your story and made it very interesting to read it. I enjoyed the part with the hide and seek. I agree, the more the better! Keep writing! You are doing great!
    Your friend,
    Anna B.

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