A Trip to Cyprus by Marialena

During my Easter break, I had a wonderful time. Me, my mom, and my dad left on Wednesday and went to Limassol, a place in Cyprus. Cyprus is a big and beautiful island. It has a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Cyprus has a lot of places you can visit and it has a lot you can do there like go to the beach, go to the water park, and go to the mountains called “Trodos”. We stayed for five days in Limassol in a beautiful hotel. It was, a tall building with nice big gold letters, writing the hotel’s name. Outside, it had a red carpet on the staircase leading to the entrance. Big vases were also placed on the floor with different kind of flowers to decorate the hotel. The entrance, had huge Easter eggs and a chocolate fountain. Next to the fountain there were five bowls filled with fresh strawberries, that we could dip in the delicious chocolate running down the fountain.

Everyday we woke up about 9 o’clock and I went outside to the veranda to watch as the waves of the sea landing on the people’s towels and becoming foam. Sometimes the sea was wavy but other times not. We all went downstairs to eat our exquisite breakfast. I usually ate pancakes with a yummy syrup or honey. I also ate a toast and an apple. In addition I drank hot chocolate, milk with cereal, or a fresh orange juice. From the room that we took our breakfast we had a nice view of the big swimming pool with a wonderful blue color. Later on during the day, we would put our bathing suit and dive into the pool. We also went to the beach. My mom and I played rackets and then we all played volleyball in the cold sea. In the swimming races that we all did together I was the one that usually won. I also dove deep in the sea and found several big seashells.

During the night we went to restaurants to eat. One time we went with some friends to eat fish and other seafood. After, for a dessert we went to a café where they had crepes and waffles. I got a crepe filled with nutella, white chocolate, and crumbs of biscuit. Its taste was amazing and delicious. When we finished eating we returned to the hotel and went to bed.

During the holy week we went to the church. On Sunday we celebrated Easter with some very good friends from Athens. We ate lamb, kokoretsi which is a Greek traditional food that we eat during Easter (meat), and other food from Cyprus. When we finished eating we cracked eggs. Cracking eggs is another Greek tradition where two people crack eggs, and then whose ever egg breaks the other person wins (the person without a broken egg). My mom’s egg didn’t break so she was the winner. At the end we all ate sweets and chocolate eggs (Greek tradition).

I wish next year we can go to Cyprus or another place and have a marvelous time like this one.

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